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Running Some Errands

March 22, 2015


I needed to run some errands, so I left work during lunch and put on a multi-colored skirt (the one I wore swing dancing), a black top, an unbuttoned and untucked white collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up, nude hose, and black flats.  If you are new to my blog, then you need to know that I never present female.  I just love to dress in pretty clothes and go on being a man.

First, I stopped in at my consignment shop.  I consider the owner of this shop as my big sister when it comes to clothing.  There was a customer there who said, “He was here the last time I was here.”  I had not been in this shop in a while.  It was quite the coincidence.  I suggested she must come in all the time.  Later, when the lady was leaving, she passed by where I was browsing clothes.  She stopped and spoke to me for a few minutes and then left.  It was like we were friends.  Wow!

When I left there, (after talking for about several minutes with the owner), I went to another clothing shop/thrift store.  As I exited my vehicle in the parking lot, I saw a woman in a nearby car using her cell phone.  She saw me.  I wondered if she would take my picture.  I looked in the reflection in the glass door while I approached the store.  I could not see her.  I was so curious that as I stepped in the store I immediately glanced back to see if the woman had her phone up.  She was intently looking at me.  Then I turned around to see the store I was in.  I was so caught up in that woman in the car that I forgot to be nervous as I walked into a new place.  I browsed briefly and found a few things to try on.  One thing I found was a denim skirt!  I have been trying to find one that was knee-length for months.  I also tried on a size 12 multicolored dress.  It had fabric that I will describe as wings under the arms.  Normally, I cannot wear dresses this small because I have such broad shoulders.  This dress fit me up top and did not seem too big in the waist.  Furthermore, the dress did not come up when I raised my arms due to the extra fabric in the wings.  Unfortunately, it came to about 5 inches (~13 cm) above my knee.  It was much too short.  Also, the waist of the dress was too high above my waist.  The dress was multicolored, but primarily purple.  It was a wild pattern that almost looked tie-dyed.  I bought the denim skirt and left the store.

I put my purchase in my car and then went to the next store.  On my way, three 50+ black women were walking along the sidewalk in front of the stores.  One saw me and must have told the others.  They all started looking at me.  I heard them chuckle.  I looked their way.  I said, “Hi, how are you doing?”  They responded politely.  Then, one said, “It is cold, isn’t it?”  I responded that it was not too bad.  I do not know why, but where I live, black women in their 50’s are prone to talking to me while I am dressed.  Most people are likely to look at me, and they will reply if I speak to them, but almost no one ever greets me.  But 50+ year old black women seem to have no discomfort in being friendly to a man in a skirt.  These women were friendly and polite.  It made me glad that I saw them.

The next store I went to was a low priced department store.  I browsed freely.  Normally, I avoid shopping around men.  This time, I refused to avoid men.  If I noticed someone look my way, I did not nervously look back.  I just kept doing what I was doing.  I had trouble finding something.  I asked a clerk for help.  The female clerk helped me like she would have if I were in pants.  Later, when we on the same aisle again, she even drummed up a conversation with me.  Since I had what I needed, I browsed briefly while waiting for the line to die down.  I eventually got in line and paid for my purchases and left.

Next, I went to a grocery store.  I selected a couple things that I wanted.  One woman who saw me shopping seemed shocked.  Apparently, I made her very uncomfortable.  I think she tried to get away from me quickly.  Most others either did not notice, took a look and were done paying me any attention, or (only a couple) told the person they were with to take a look.  An 50+ year old lady was manning the self-checkout.  She seemed completely comfortable with me and greeted me politely like she would anyone.  A cashier kept taking looks at me as I was leaving, I smiled and said, “Hi,” she did the same in return.  A woman working in the floral area happened to be getting out her phone as I walked by.  When she saw me, she seemed to hurry up.  I wondered if she was going to take picture of me.  She could have only gotten one of my back.  I did not bother looking back to see.

Finally, I went back to the original consignment shop.  I browsed some more and talked some more.  Then I changed back into my man clothes and went back to work.

I am sad to say that the end of leg shaving season is upon us.  I cannot keep going out in skirts much longer…


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