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Attended A Book Club Promotion

March 25, 2015


It is the end of the leg shaving season, and I have a new skirt.  I wanted at least one more outing.  During lunch I left work, changed into my new denim skirt, a black and gray top, nude (skin toned) hose, and black flats.  I had learned about a book club promotion that was going on.  I decided to go.

I parked in the parking lot.  Other attendees were arriving.  I walked from my car to the building.  Another woman was entering.  She looked back and saw me coming.  She smiled and left the door open.  I walked in.  There was a lectern and five tables.  I approached the nearest table.  A couple of the ladies seated there looked at me.  I asked if I may join them.  They all welcomed me warmly.  We chatted briefly.  I got up to get some of the desert that was provided.  There were about 5 men in the room and about 20 women.  I never noticed any reactions to me negative or positive.  I was accepted as I was, no matter my clothing.

I sat back down and ate my bag lunch while the talk began.  Several speakers got up and talked about their experiences in the book club.  The talk lasted for over an hour.  After I finished my lunch, I turned toward the speaker and sat with my legs crossed.  Sometimes, I would marvel at what was going on.  I was in a crowded room, in a skirt and cute shoes and everyone else did not care.  I was not [very] afraid.  I belonged.

After the talk finished, everyone got up and socialized.  One woman in the room came to me and spoke because she knew me from another outing I had gone on previously.  A couple of the speakers approached me as they went around the room greeting the attendees.  They were polite and thanked me for attending.  After a few minutes, I left.

In general, no one reacted to me.  I believe a few people might have felt awkward about me and did not approach me out of convenience.  A few attendees said hello in passing, but did not engage me in any significant conversation.  On my way out the door, I had a brief conversation with a woman as we walked to the parking lot.

On my way back to work, I stopped by a thrift store.  I bought a super pretty skirt!  Now, I want to have another outing so I can wear it!  This new skirt is white with black flowers.  There are hints of gray.  It is cute and light.  It is soft and smooth.  I love it!  It is pretty, but not too girly.

After work, while on my way home, I went to a small grocery store in my new skirt and a black top I happened to have in the car.  I bought a soft drink.  Next, I went to a shoe store.  I shopped briefly and then went home.


Above is the outfit I wore to the book club promotion.


I get a lot of compliments on these strappy flats.  I love them and they are comfortable.


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