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Haircut At A New Place.

March 26, 2015


Today, I shaved my legs one last time.  After this, I will let my hair grow so I can go out in shorts in the summer and “look right”.  It was the last shave of the season…  Yesterday was going to be the last shave of the season, but then I bought a really pretty skirt and… so, I decided to have one more outing… again.  I love the skirt SO much!

I wore a black top, a black and white skirt (with a hint of gray), black flats, nude hose.  I do not attempt to modify my head or chest to make me like a woman.  I stopped by a park on my way to work.  I took a walk.  There were a few other walkers, but there was no reaction to me.  After my walk, I stopped in at a little coffee shop and bought some orange juice.  The two women working there took a glance at my outfit, but offered no other reaction.  I briefly considered what if I did not change and just went to work in my skirt.  Then I changed and went to work in my man pants.

During lunch, went to a new barbershop.  The only people there were the owner and a customer.  I learned that these ladies were good friends.  The customer was getting her hair dyed.  I waited in the lobby for fifteen minutes.  Eventually, the customer’s dye was in and she needed to wait.  The owner called me to a seat.  Neither of these women were native English speakers.  Therefore, as we talked, the friend/customer, translated some things.  It was very pleasant.  Neither woman acknowledged my clothes.  It was was such a nice experience.  These women were naturally nice, happy women.  They were friendly to me.  Also, I was dressed pretty and I felt beautiful.  The owner welcomed me to come again.  This barbershop/salon is closer to my home and work than the other salons I have recently gone to while dressed pretty.  Also, this salon was cheaper.  Much cheaper.  It was delightful.  I plan to keep going there!


Here is the outfit I wore for my haircut.


Here is a closeup of the lovely skirt.
Unfortunately, the lens on the camera was blurry.


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