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Traveling Pretty – A Man in a Skirt on a Plane

April 12, 2015

I wore a skirt while traveling on both halves of a trip.  It was a very pleasant non-event. On the first leg of my two flight trip, I changed my shoes in my seat while the man sitting beside me was in the men’s room.  The layover between flights was too short to change clothes.  In fact, it was too short to walk to the connecting flight.  I had to run through the airport in my pretty strappy, black flats. When I got to my destination airport, I went to the men’s room and changed out of my men’s clothes. I put on a long maxi skirt and black hose to hide my 3mm leg hair.  I also wore a red top, and long black cardigan.  I was surprisingly calm.  I was not nearly as nervous as normal.

I walked to car rental facility, rented a car and started driving. I drove to a couple stores.  I shopped for stretchy leggings/pants that I can wear under my skirts after my leg hair is longer.  I also shopped at a shoe store.  Then, I ate lunch at a restaurant.  I was seated and served like normal. At the end of my one hour drive, I changed back into my men’s wear at a rest area.

On my return flight, I changed before going to the airport.  I wore the same skirt, and flats.  I wore black pantyhose, a black top, and a light men’s jacket (with pockets!)  I returned the rental car.  The woman who inspected the car was cordial.  I walked over to the shuttle bus.  The driver greeted me politely.  A moment later, a woman got on.  I said hi.  She asked if I was cold.  Then we had a conversation all the way to the airport about where we were going, home, etc.  It was as if she always sees men in skirts. We got of the shuttle bus together and walked in talking.  When we got to an escalator, we both hesitated and then she got on first.  I commented, “I think the proper etiquette is for the man to go first.  That way he cannot see up the lady’s skirt.”  Then I realized what I had said.  I said, “How ironic,” because she was wearing pants.  We walked along a little more, talking before we separated.

I walked through the lobby of the airport.  There were a lot of people, but I think very few people paid attention to me.  If they did, I was not paying attention to them.  I got into the line for security.  There was an older man at the entrance to the corral who worked at the airport.  He smiled at me as I went by and then said, “That’s an unusual outfit.”  He continued smiling politely at me. I got in line behind a pretty young woman who was dressed fashionably.  Behind me walked up a rather “butch” looking woman.  She immediately said, “You look comfortable!”  Then she started talking to me about where she had been and where she was going.  The woman in front of me talked to her a little.

I passed through airport security with nothing unusual happening (except that I did not have to tie my shoes or put on my belt, or refill my pockets).  I walked to my gate.  I sat there.  I noticed a few people look at me and react subtly.  Then they got over it and we all sat at the gate together. Thirty minutes later, we got up and waited to board.  I spoke to a young woman who was near me about some heels another girl was wearing.  She started talking to me and kept talking to me until we sat in our respective seats.

My seat was a window seat.  The man in the middle seat got out of my way so I could sit down.  We started talking.  Later his fiancée came back and sat in the empty aisle seat beside him.  We all three talked the rest of the flight.  It was all very friendly.  My clothes were never mentioned.  They had a young child.  We talked about raising kids and how they were going on vacation without the baby. I disembarked and went hurrying to lunch and my connecting flight.

In this airport, I felt like there were more sideways glances at me.  I felt like my outfit was more unapproved there.  The food line was slow.  I stood there among lots of other people waiting on their “Whoppers”.  No one said or did anything negative toward me.  However, I felt more uncomfortable there.  There was so little time, and the food was taking so long, that I realized that I was not going to have enough time to change clothes before I boarded the plane.  I did not want to wear my skirt to my home airport because I might run into someone who knows me.  I hurried into the men’s room and put on my pants and took off my skirt.  I wore my black top and strappy flats on the flight home.  The top was rather plain.  It has a wider neck hole and no collar and the sleeves are 3/4 sleeves.  Perhaps the people sitting near me could have noticed my top or my cute shoes and hosed ankles, but I accepted that exposure.  At my destination, I changed back into men’s wear and that was that.

I had a delightful time.  I had the most pleasant interactions I have ever had with members of the public.  There several people that I did not mention here that reacted to me as though they never noticed my outfit.  I had members of the public openly acknowledge my outfit and then continue to talk to me about other topics.  On this trip, it seemed like they did not care how I was dressed, and neither did I.


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