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Haircut While Crossdressed in a Busy Salon

June 8, 2015


I have been going to a new Hispanic salon/barber shop for a few months.  I always go there in a skirt, etc. while presenting male.  This time, I wore a brand new maxi skirt, black hose, short heels, and a red top.  I felt confident in my pretty outfit.  I walked in and was surprised to see a pretty, young customer in the waiting area.  This was the first time there were customers waiting when I have arrived.  She glanced at me as I came in and went on using her smart phone.  I sat on the other couch in the waiting area.  I noticed her take a glance over at me later.  Just a glance.  Eventually, she drummed up a conversation with me.  We spoke briefly about our spouses and families.

A woman and her teenage son came in and sat on the other end of the couch I was on.  The pretty girl was called away.  I did not speak with the woman and son.  Other people came in and visited with the staff and left.

I had started watching the television, and when it was my turn, I did not hear.  The woman beside me touched my arm and motioned toward the owner of the store who was beckoning me.  I went to her and she cut my hair like usual.  Nothing interesting happened while I was getting my cut.  Some more people came in, visited, and left.

The pretty customer was moved to the seat to my right after her hair was washed.  The owner’s daughter was cutting her hair.  I did not speak to the customer, but I did speak when the owner’s daughter greeted me politely.  After my cut, I went to have my hair washed.  Then, I combed my hair and said goodbye to the daughter.  The pretty customer and the daughter both said good-bye.  The owner told me to have a good day.

Yep, it was basically a haircut, but in a skirt.  However, it felt so much better inside me than a haircut in pants!


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  1. leweze permalink

    I hope to have the confidence someday that you show in this story.

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