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To The Eye Doctor Dressed

September 16, 2015


Today, I went to my eye doctor. I was all conflicted inside about whether it was a REALLY bad idea to go dressed or not. I do not modify my man head, so if anyone I knew was in the waiting room, I would be exposed. I wore a black top with a built in black cardigan and an orange maxi skirt with black hose and black flats. I felt pretty good about my outfit. I walked into the office. The lady at the counter might not have seen much below my waist. I said my name and sat down. There were three women in the reception area. There was one woman in the waiting area.  Until I spoke briefly with her, I do not think she paid me any attention. The women in reception came and went a couple times. I did not see them pay me any attention. I read some magazines. Once, I realized that two reception women had a quiet conversation. Perhaps they were realizing my outfit.  Another patient came into the lobby.  She said hi to me and then started checking her phone, paying me no further attention.

One of the two women from the quiet conversation called me to the back. I walked with her and she performed the initial examination. At first I thought she was slightly awkward. We had friendly shallow conversations. She never seemed awkward after that. She led me to the exam room and I waited for the doctor. He came in and performed the whole exam with no indication that he even noticed my outfit. After the exam, the other two women helped me select frames. Again, no one displayed any unusual behavior. After about 20-30 minutes, I selected my frames and left.

Next, I drove to my barber shop. There was another woman in the waiting area. She and I spoke friendly for a few minutes before she was called back. She never acknowledged my outfit. My barber and I had normal conversations. She is used to me dressing like this. After my haircut, I changed back into my man clothes at the barber shop. The customer happily said good-bye to me as I walked past.

It was a very pleasant, and a not-too-stressful experience.  The only real stress occurred before the event.  I was SO unsure of myself.  I felt like it was such a foolish risk.  While I was at the office, I was remarkably relaxed.  I did not sweat a lot.  It was almost like when I go in all men’s clothes, except I felt prettier.

I went back to the eye doctor to get my glasses.  I wore a black and brown striped skirt, red top with 3/4 sleeves, black strappy sandals and nude hose.  It was a non event.  The ladies helped me regardless of my outfit.  When I had on my new glasses, I looked down and said, “What am I wearing?!?  How could this have happened?”  It wasn’t funny, apparently, but I still am amused by it.  I think my timing was not good enough.  I should have let the joke hang before I communicated it was a joke.


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