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Car Shopping

January 18, 2016


I planned on visiting two far away car lots because they each had a car I was shopping for.  I decided to go to the first car lot while dressed pretty.  I put on a black top with a built-in black cardigan, a red, cream, and white scrambled, knee-length skirt, with off-black hose and and black flats.  As always, I was just a man from the neck up.

At the first car lot, I got out of my car dressed.  A salesman saw me and came outside to help me.  I was rather nervous.  He helped me like nothing was unusual.  I saw him notice my clothes, but it did not slow him down.  He was very professional.  The car I wanted to see was already sold.  I was ready to go to the second car lot, but I did not want to change yet.  I decided to go for it…

I called the woman that I had already communicated with.  She told me I was at the wrong building.  When I arrived at the correct building, the head manager and a salesman were waiting to greet me on the sidewalk.  I had an, “Oh well,” moment and walked around my car to meet them.  They did not react at all to my outfit.  It was as though they had not noticed.  I commend them on their smoothness.

They had to get the keys to the car I wanted to try.  I decided to stand around in the showroom for a while.  I did not want to go to the waiting area because I did not want to expose the children who were there to a crossdresser.  While I stood there, several girls from the back office “happened” to come get candy from the reception desk.  I assume they were all coming out to gawk (look) at me.  Besides that, no one did anything odd.  Several employees checked on me to see if I was OK.  One salesman even stood around and talked to me.  He was not ashamed to voluntarily stand around in public with a skirted man.

Eventually they were ready to present the car to me.  I took a test drive with the salesman.  I read the car’s history.  I started negotiating.  Once, during the negotiations, I heard a guy say to my salesman as he walked into the sales “tower” thing, “Did you two go to the restroom together?”  Beyond that, I was treated as a valued customer and I think I got a respectable deal.  I bought a car while crossdressed!  A big thing about this is that it is not an anonymous outing.

At one point during the night, I left the store and went to a fast food restaurant for supper.  I walked up to the counter.  There was an older couple ordering.  The older woman looked at me and forced a smile to say hello (as is customary here).  The woman working at the counter had a ring through her nose and seemed to be an alternative sort of person.  She greeted me with a smile.  After the older couple moved down to wait for their order, the woman working at the counter took my order.  While giving me my change, she said, “You are beautiful, by the way.”  I thanked her and we had some small talk about her nose ring.  That was all.  I went to the drink dispenser and filled my cup.  The older woman from before started talking to me about how cold it is getting.  I was surprised.  She wanted to interact with me.  Later, she smiled at me and said, “Good-bye” as she left.  I wished her well.


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