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A Crossdressers’ Party

March 25, 2016

A friend of mine invited me to a party.  A party for crossdressers.  So, I went.  First, however, let me say that I have noticed that I am not as likely to post about my crossdressing adventures than I was previously.  I have gone on a few hair cut outings (one to a new shop where I used to go as a male) and I have done some shopping, but none of the outings was interesting enough to mention.  It is becoming commonplace enough to be boring.  Anyhow, back to the party!

The Outfit
Several years ago, a CD mentioned on the Internet where they lived.  Since it was near me, I e-mailed a “Hello” and we met as men for lunch.  This friend and his/her wife invited me to a CD party.  I have a lovely, burgundy, velvet party dress that I bought at a second-hand sale.  I had it altered and I love how it fits me, but I have never had anywhere to wear it.  I decided to wear my velvet dress to the party.

I felt like the short sleeved dress needed a cardigan or something over my shoulders.  I searched the Internet for what goes well with burgundy velvet and I learned that tan and midnight blue are good colors for burgundy.  I started shopping and eventually found a navy cardigan that would work.

I tried on the dress with my black heels.  The flat leather did not look right with the velvet.  I went shoe shopping.  I finally found some suede black heels that seemed better.  I am still not sure what to think of them.  I fear that they are pretentious.  Please comment and tell me what you think about the shoes.  So, I had an outfit.

I told my wife about the party and she was once again uncomfortable with the idea of me going out like that.  I told her that this was safer than most of the outings I ever go on.  She has chosen not to obstruct my dressing and to simply express her opinion and also advise.  I asked her if she would like to come, but she said no.

The Party
So the day of the party came.  Before leaving the house, once again, my wife wished me to, “Have a nice time.”

I left my house in menswear because I have kids who do not know I dress pretty.  I changed clothes in the car because I did not want to walk into the party in masculine clothes — Think: walk of shame.  Now, I do not feel ugly and I like being masculine.  For some reason, perhaps it is pride, I did not want my first impression on the fellow party-goers to be me in plain clothes.

I was the last to arrive at the party.  There were about ten attendees.  One attendee was the host’s wife.  All but one of the crossdressers used their masculine voice.  Several had little or no makeup on.  Most attendees were in skirts/dresses and heels.  One person wore pants.  About half did not shave their legs and had to wear opaque tights to mask their leg hair.


It was a nice time, but not amazing.  More time to talk to the other crossdressers would have been good.  Instead, we watched a sporting event, which was OK.  More time to hear a genetic girl’s perspective would have been nice.  Compared to the party, I find that, to me, doing normal things while dressed is more fun.

I changed back into men’s wear before leaving the party.  I did not like having to do that.  Again, it seems to be a pride thing.  But the efficiency of changing in a room instead of in a  car seemed to be enough reason to deny my pride.

While I was leaving the party, I thanked the couple who hosted the party.  I thanked the wife for being so understanding.  She said that she has “good days and bad days” concerning crossdressing.  I told my wife about the party when I got home and I mentioned this quote.  My wife said she really related to that sentiment.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Hi Joey,
    I really like your outfit. The combination of colors look good on you, but the shoes are a little frumpy like something one would see on older women. I think your heels look much nicer.
    Your blog has been wonderful. My experience is very similar yours. My wife doesn’t really approve, and whenever I dress pretty I’m on my own. She’s more comfortable if I hybrid dress with a pair of nice looking flats with my regular guy outfit. It’ s better than nothing. Also I never try to present myself as female, and I’ve also never had to deal with any hostility. Like your experiences, most people are too busy to notice or they just don’t care.
    It is so nice to read of real life adventures that we as cross dressers either have or simply dream of. You have a talent for writing so please keep it up.

  2. I too think the outfit looks great but think heels would be better than the boot style.
    I also agree with the rest of the above comment about your blog. My wife too is uneasy but does allow me to underdress all the time and recently has allowed me to wear a more feminine style shoe out and her slacks. Someday I will go out with a skirt and hose and heels too. You give me courage.

  3. Sure wish there was a party like that near here. Wonder how I can get the idea started and then act like it is not big deal but of course it would be.

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