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Bearded Crossdressing

April 5, 2016


I do not keep a beard.  The first reason is that I am a crossdresser.  The second reason is that I do not want A beard no matter how I am dressed.  However, I decided to grow a beard for a role I am going to play in small drama.  I thought, “I will not be able to have any crossdressing outings with a beard.”  Well…..  I had an outing with a beard.

If you follow my story, you should know by now that I like to wear women’s clothes, but I do not wish to be a woman.  I do not present myself as a woman.  I do not own a women’s wig, bra, or makeup.  I do not wear hip pads or breast forms.  When I am out in a skirt or dress, it is with the head and figure of a man.

This week, I needed to go on a road trip.  I took some clothes with me.  I decided I would just wear my beard while dressed pretty and see what happens.  The short story is: The beard did not make a difference.

Grocery Store
On the outbound leg of my trip, I got dressed in an orange maxi skirt (I have let my leg hairs start to grow back), a white top, a navy cardigan, nude pantyhose, and white Keds (Keds are a brand of canvas, flat, casual shoes).  I went to a grocery store to buy something I needed.  I was rather nervous.

I walked into the store.  The manager saw me and greeted me kindly.  I walked the long way around the store to get to what I was shopping for.  Very few customers even looked my way as I passed them.  An employee did happen to see me.  The employee was at least as old as me.  She was stocking a nearby aisle.  Eventually, I gave up trying to find what I needed and had to ask her for help.

I went to the self-checkout lane, paid and left.  The manager was attending to the self-checkout area.  He wished me well as I left.  Non-event.

I went to a sit-down restaurant for breakfast.  I walked to the host/hostess booth.  A male employee walked up and asked me how many, etc.  I followed him toward the dining area.  As I walked near the doorway to the kitchen, a server came out and stopped to let me pass.  She smiled warmly at me and said hello.

Two women were eating at a table.  I walked past them, following the host.  I never saw the women pay me any attention.  A couple who were sitting by a window both turned to look at me.  He was suppressing a laugh, I think.  After that, they never gave me another look.

The server had pretty, long, curly hair.  She may have been 50.  She wore dragonfly earrings.  She never acknowledged my outfit.  She always treated me professionally and kindly.  I paid and left.  Another non-event.

Clothing Store
I changed back to men’s clothes when I got to my destination.

Late in the day, I stopped in at a small clothing store while wearing menswear.  Two women, who were about 55 years old, were on staff.  They greeted me.  One welcomed me and told me that men’s clothes are here.  I proceeded toward the women’s clothes.  They humorously offered that I can buy for my wife as well.  Then, they told a story about a man who came in earlier in the day with a note from his wife about what to buy.  They said he was embarrassed to be shopping for her.  Regardless, they helped him buy the *ladies’ underwear* she needed and told him to feel free to come back with another note for more clothes for her.  They clearly had not considered the idea that this man was possibly shopping for himself.

Another white-haired, pretty woman arrived.  She started shopping near where I was.  I asked a clerk for help.  I was shopping for a top.  The clerk kept referencing and asking me about “her”.  At some point, I decided to just say that it was for me.  She looked me in the eye and said, “OK.”  Then she continued to help me.  Throughout her helping me, the clerk said plenty for the white-haired customer to know that I was shopping for myself.  I assumed the white-haired customer would disapprove.

I found a close fitting red skirt that I fell in love with.  The employee helped me find a long, wild-patterned skirt and brown top.  The wild skirt was SO soft.  I loved it.  It looked good with the top.  I took my selections to the dressing room and tried them on.

The white-haired woman saw me when I came out of the dressing room.  Instead of shunning me, she praised the outfit.  All three women were in their 50s-60s and were complimenting me, a bearded man, on his skirt and blouse.

I bought the red skirt, but the wonderfully soft wild skirt was too wild.  We all discussed how wonderful it felt.  They all encouraged me to buy the wild skirt.  The white haired woman even bought a wild-patterned, soft skirt.

Here is the red skirt:

I kept thinking about that soft skirt.

When it was time for me to make my return trip, I went back to the store and bought the soft skirt and blouse/shirt.  I bought them, went to the dressing room, and put them on with my nude heels.  I walked out.  I thanked them.  They praised my outfit and shoes.  I thanked them for being so understanding.  I told them that I had been nervous to admit to them that I was shopping for me.  One said, “We were nervous too.”  I find that so interesting.  If I ever go back, I want to ask her what it means.

I walked out of the store in my new skirt and started my drive home.

Mexican Restaurant
I stopped for supper at a Mexican restaurant.  I struggled with the decision about wearing the heels or flats.  The heels are rather tall.  I chose the heels.  I walked across the parking lot toward the door.  A man with a long beard was smoking while leaning against the wall near the entrance.  There was no avoiding him.  I made eye contact and said, “How are you doing?”  He kept eye contact, raised his eyebrows slightly and answered and asked me how I was.

The host seated me in a booth just past a long row of tables where two families were seated together.  I had to walk past their table.  All three adults, two boys, and three girls turned and looked at me.  I looked at them.  They broke their stares and then some shared a suppressed laugh.  Nothing more.  The whole time I ate, I never saw any of them look my way.

I finished eating before they finished.  I walked to the cashier to pay my bill.  There was a large wall mirror behind the cashier.  I looked in the mirror at the family.  Only one of the boys was looking at me.  No one else bothered.

Grocery Store
I put on some black flats.  I went to a grocery store.  One employee smiled and said hello.  I noticed that she did not try tell another employee right beside her.  When I was 15 meters away, she hurried over to tell the other.

Most customers never saw me.  Some staff saw me but gave no uncommon reaction.  A cashier rang up my purchase.  I left.  It was another non-event.

Shopping center
Later, I stopped at a shopping center.  I walked along stopping at various stores.  Other customers saw me, but no significant reaction.  I tried on a jacket in one store.  In a previous store, I had asked about jackets.  The two employees were very at ease with me.  I was obviously not their first crossdresser.  I asked them if the beard with the feminine clothes was bad.  They said that it was fine.  One said, “No, I like beards.”

I feared that crossdressing with a beard communicated a disdain for society or norms or something.  I felt like it might be like having a tattoo on one’s face.  I learned on this outing that having a beard is not very much different than not having a beard.  It does not appear to change how people behave toward me when I am out crossdressed (or when I am out normally dressed).


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I think you have great taste in clothing. The skirt looks really nice on you, and the nude heels are perfect with it. If you don’t mind my asking, where did you find them?

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