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Surrounded by Compliments

April 11, 2016


I occasionally go to a certain consignment shop.  I have become friends with the owner.  If you have read my last few posts, you have heard about my wild patterned, green skirt, brown top, and nude heels that I have recently bought.  I have also recently bought a red skirt.  I wanted to show my purchases to my friend at the consignment shop.

Once I arrived, I got a top to put on over the red skirt off of the rack and went to the dressing room.  First, I put on the long, wild skirt and brown top.  My friend who runs the shop loved it.  She said that she did not love the top as much.  She said it seemed too manly for the skirt.


I put on my red skirt and the black top.  My friend really reacted strongly.  I could not tell if she loved it or thought it was excessive.  I have worried that it is too tight and revealing.  Then the door chimed and two customers came in, a shopper and her sister.  I was in the back of the store where they could not see me.  She went to welcome the new customers.

I tried on a beige and brown dress I have seen in the store.  It was rather form fitting.  I found a purple blazer to go over it.  I was still wearing my heels.  I went to find a better top to go over the red skirt.

When I went to where the tops are, the customers saw me.  I said, “Excuse me.”  They started talking to me.  They said it was OK and then they complimented me.  My friend commented on my legs and then they were all complimenting me on my legs and my outfit.  Then the store owner from next door came in to talk to my friend about getting food for them both.  She saw me and gave me a knowing smile.  My friend once again said, “Don’t you wish you had his legs?”  Soon she was with the other women all talking about me and gushing.  “Oh, your legs are…”  “I wish I had his height…”  etc.

One might think that a man who crossdresses and really likes to wear pantyhose would love to have a group of women praising his legs and clothes.  But it was quite awkward.  I said, “I am not used to this kind of attention.”  They eventually went on to the dressing room.  My friend had me model my red skirt for the other store owner.  The owner started pulling tops off of the rack and bringing them to me to try on.

With the other customers in the dressing room and the other owner out of the store, I was able to get a useful reaction from my friend about the outfits.  She said that I should cover up the red skirt.  Otherwise, I would have people approaching me seeking things that I would not be interested in.

Here is a picture of me wearing the red skirt with a top selected by the other owner:



Eventually, the other ladies started coming out of the dressing room asking my friend for advice.  I joined in the helping.  We were all working together to help the woman find something that was right for her.  I said that I should stop helping because I did not want to make it weird.  The customer said, “No, this is fun!”

Eventually, they went back into the dressing room.  I changed back into my menswear.  I said my good-byes and left.


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