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“You didn’t wear a skirt.”

April 27, 2016


In a previous post, I mentioned a Japanese restaurant.  I have gone back to the restaurant several times in the last few weeks.  Today, I returned to it as well.  This time, I was just wearing menswear.  Previously, I had gone to the restaurant wearing all womenswear including a skirt.  As usual, I looked like a man above the shoulders.  The manager who always takes my order was there at the counter.

The first time I went to this restaurant, this woman asked me how high my heels were and admitted that she envied my ability to wear heels.  This time, I was in shorts.  Menswear.  It was the first time she had ever seen me wearing men’s clothes.  This was the first time she had ever seen me not in a skirt.  She has always acted like me wearing a skirt was not new or unusual.

She greeted me.  I told her, “My usual.”

She typed in my order into the computer.  Then she said, “You didn’t wear a skirt.”

I replied, “No.”  Then I added, “I hope that is OK.”

She said, “Oh, everything is OK.  (Pause)  …as long as you wear clothes.”  We laughed and I assured her that she did not need to worry about that.

I got my drink.  I received my meal.  I sat in my usual seat.  I’m a regular!  When I finished my meal, I said good-bye as I left.  She responded likewise.

I went to another place for dessert.  I have done this several times as well.  That store has always had the same person at the counter.  She greeted me as usual and never acknowledged my outfit.

I do not know how to end this…   I am just happy, I guess.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Nice. I really enjoy your stories. Please keep it up.

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