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Fabric Store Revisit

May 26, 2016


I recently visited a fabric store while dressed pretty.  A week later, I returned a second time while pretty.  I have written about these events.  I returned a third time.  Since I was in the area and it was convenient, I stopped in while dressed in menswear.  I saw right away that the people who helped me previously were not in the store.  I was a little disappointed.  I wanted them to see that I was not one dimensional.  Then, I noticed something disturbing.  Someone I knew was in the store.  This is my “crossdressing shopping district”.  It is far from my home and work.  I have visited this store twice while dressed pretty and I have visited other nearby stores many times while dressed pretty.

Now, I feel like the whole shopping center is a more risky place than it used to be.  If she had been there on my previous visit, then I could have been exposed.  Sometimes, I think I wish (a little) that my crossdressing was no longer a secret.  I am not as ashamed of myself as I used to be.  However, if this secret of mine is ever to become public knowledge, I would prefer that it happen at my choosing and not due to my sloppiness.

A positive is that, from what I could tell, she never noticed me.  I shopped without trying to avoid her.  She did her shopping and was so distracted that she never noticed me.  So, maybe if I ever have another event like this, except while dressed pretty, I will be safe.

Afterward, I went to a fast food restaurant.  I had eaten there two or three times while pretty.  None of the staff there were people I have ever dealt with.  That was also a bit of a let down.

On the positive side, I now have a measuring tape and some tracing paper!


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