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Attended a Class in a Skirt

May 31, 2016

I signed up to take a sewing class.  I decided that I would go to the classes while crossdressed.

Class 1:

I arrived early to class on the first day.  I needed the extra time since I did not know how long it would take to drive there.  Also, I did not know where I would change clothes.  The extra time was also useful because I was not sure if I would have the courage to go to a class while crossdressed.  I ate on my way and arrived at the building twenty minutes early.  The campus had no conspicuous activity.  There were very few cars in the parking lot.  The building was almost deserted.  I walked around the building while wearing menswear until I found the classroom.  It was empty and the lights were off.

I decided to go ahead and change clothes.  I went to a men’s room in the building and put on a white top, an orange skirt, and a navy cardigan.  I also wore nude pantyhose with white Keds.  As usual, I had my normal man head.  No wig, no makeup, no breasts.  Just a dude in pretty clothes.

It was almost time for class to begin.  I decided that I should move my car to the other end of the building in order to be closer to the classroom.  As I was approaching the row of parking spaces, a car coming the other way slowed down.  The driver rolled down his window and started motioning me to stop and open my window.  It was security!  He stopped me in order to be helpful.  I told him that I already knew where my classroom was and he sent me on my way.  That was a little unsettling, and it took up a couple minutes.

I walked into the classroom.  Class had already begun.  I slipped in and sat down.  Only the back half of the room saw me.  I suppose the teacher saw how I was dressed.  I exchanged smiles with a couple of the nearby classmates.  There were a total of ten students.  I was the only man.  Happily, I was not the only one in a skirt.  There were two dresses and two skirts in the room, including mine.  The teacher had us introduce ourselves.  Most women were in their 50s.  Some were younger and some were older.  I was treated with the same respect I would receive in pants.

No one really interacted with me.  No one interacted with anyone else either.  The woman to my left leaned over and said my name.  She asked to see the example item the teacher had passed to me.  She remembered my name.  I was impressed with her.

The tables were too short for me to cross my legs, so I had to keep my knees together.  It was somewhat hot in the room.  My shape wear was holding my heat in.  In spite of the heat, I was not very sweaty when I ended the day.  I was VERY impressed with that.  Apparently, I was not very stressed.

Only once did I see anyone pay attention to my outfit.  I believe I saw a young student who sat in front of me glance at my skirt.

After class, I returned a pencil I had borrowed from the teacher.  She was talking to a few students.  I just placed the pencil on her table and turned to go.  As I was leaving, two other students were exiting the building.  I asked them, “Now, you two are friends?”  I had learned this from their introduction.  The friendlier of the two ladies said, “Yes, we’re old friends.”  The conversation stalled out there.  I think we were all felt too awkward to come up with something smart to say.  We said good-bye.  As I was driving away, the friendlier lady smiled at me and waved.  I waved with a couple other attendees as I drove away.

Class 1.  A success!


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  1. Love reading about your adventures and being able to live vicariously through them. Sometimes your descriptions are not always clear and a nice picture would help. Have a fantastic day and travel “pretty”.

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