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Attended Class in a Skirt #2

June 3, 2016

I went to my second class while dressed pretty.  I was wearing a long, black ankle-length skirt.  I also wore off-black pantyhose and my black flats with straps.  On top, I wore a lightweight, orange blouse and a white, collared shirt as a cardigan.  Otherwise, I looked like a man.

I arrived about twenty minutes early to class.  Another classmate was sitting in her car, eating.  We waved to each other as I walked into the building.  I was the first person in class.  A few others arrived together shortly later.  I asked the people near me, “What is your project?”  They showed me their patterns and I shared mine with them.  I detected no awkwardness in them.

I felt more apprehension today, but it quickly faded when I arrived to class.  Everyone arrived, including the teacher and class started.  The teacher had us all come up to her table to watch what her demonstration.  I was standing with the others from the back rows of the classroom.  The front row people stayed seated.  I felt a over exposed.  I was standing where everyone could look at me.  However, I never saw anyone sneak any glances at me.  I relaxed.

Then we started working on our projects.  I had to stand a lot while I worked.  I did a lot of bending over my table.  I was aware that the ladies behind me had a view of my backside when I bent over.  I made sure that my shirt was pulled down to cover my waistband.  I felt distracted because I did not want them to see any lines indicating what I wore underneath.  Eventually, I gave up on that.  Hopefully the did not pay me any attention.

The time for class to end passed.  We all kept working.  Every few minutes, a student would leave.  If I said good-bye they would reply.  I wanted to ask the teacher a question before I did any cutting.  I did not want to go home and do anything that I might want her input on.  She came to my desk and started talking to me about my options.  While she was talking to me, the three other remaining students left.  The teacher and I were the only ones who remained.  (This was not on purpose.)  She did not seem to be at all uncomfortable to be alone with me.  I finished up and she and I left together.  While we walked down the hall, we talked about some non-class topics, such as family and work.

We went to our respective cars and departed.  It was completely normal, decent evening.





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