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Attended a Class in a Skirt #3

June 10, 2016

I attended my third class while dressed pretty.  This time, I wore a black and white striped skirt, black pantyhose, flats, a red top, and a black cardigan.  From the neck up, I am a man.

When I arrived to class, a lot of the class was already there.  When the teacher walked in, I was near the door.  I noticed her take a quick sideways glance at my skirt.  Then I realized that she was wearing a gray and white skirt with the same stripes as my skirt.  We were wearing roughly the same skirt.  I felt like the teacher might have expressed some apprehension when she helped throughout the evening.  I wondered if us wearing similar skirts was bothering her.  I felt bad about it.  She looks way better in a skirt than I do.

Beyond that, I was just a member of the class.  Nothing interesting happened.  People did not pay my clothes any attention.  Some talked to me like normal.  I learned some and put it to use.

After class, I walked out into the hallway.  My hands were rather full, but I turned to close the door to the classroom.  A janitor was in the hallway walking toward me.  He made some obvious glances at my clothes.  I said hello to him and he replied appropriately.  I shut the door and walked down the hall.  He was walking in the same direction.  When I came to the exterior door, I said good-bye.  He was polite and responded wished me the same.  He seemed a bit surprised or amazed at what he had seen, but he did not seem hateful.

I went to a Cracker Barrel restaurant on my way home to get some candy.  I also went because I did not want to stop being dressed pretty in public.  Cracker Barrel restaurants have a store in the entrance area/lobby for customers to browse while they wait to be seated.  They have old timey candies, etc.  There were very few customers in the restaurant.  Therefore there were about six to eight employees in the store area restocking the displays.  They all happened to be female.

I walked in and I received several obvious looks.  After their first glances, about half of the ladies did not react to me more.  The other half took a few more obvious looks when I was near.  The girl at the cash register was very natural and conversational with me.

I made my purchase and started to leave.  Then, I remembered something I wanted.  I asked another employee if they had what I wanted (a money pouch to replace what I normally carry).  She had me follow her to where they might be.  They did not have what I was looking for.  I thanked her and started walking toward the exit again.

As I approached the exit, I passed two female employees who were working on a display.  The older one spoke to me and said, “You’re not from <a specific town>, are you?”  She had an accent.  She was not from my country.  I was not from the town she asked about.  She said she used to have a neighbor in that town who liked to wear skirts.  She said he always had a beard.  I wish I had spoken with her more about this neighbor.  Maybe I will go back.

I stopped at a gas station to buy some milk to go with my candy.  Store keeper was listening music that sounded to me to be from the Middle East.  He looked Middle Eastern as well.  He spoke politely to me and treated me normally.

I ate my candy as I drove home.  When I changed out of my clothes, I was very pleased to find that my shirt was not sweaty.  I was very relaxed this evening.


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