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Attended a Class in a Skirt #5

June 25, 2016

I attended my final sewing class.  I am sad.  I discovered that all day long on class days I would look forward so very much to going to class.  I would remind myself throughout the day that I get to wear something pretty in X hours.  It was like the last day before Christmas break at school.  This time I wore my orange maxi skirt with a black, acetate top and an unbuttoned, white, collared shirt over it.  I wore nude pantyhose and my strappy, black flats.  I was a man in a [pretty] skirt.

Let me interrupt my story here to say something.  I have a collection of maxi skirts that I wear in the summer while I have leg hair.  I wore four different skirts to the first four classes.  However, this week I wore a skirt that I previously have worn to class.  This is a clear sign that I should get rid of any skirt I have not worn.  If I would prefer to re-wear a previous skirt than wear one of the remaining ones, then I probably will never wear them.  I do not like them enough to keep them!  Thank you for your patience.  Now, back to the story…

I was the third person to arrive for class.  The door was locked.  As I approached the ladies waiting in the hallway, one of them, “the experienced sewer,” greeted me.  After I said hello, the other lady, “the thrift store owner,” said hello.  I thought it was nice that the experienced sewer greeted me without me saying something first.  Later, she asked me how my Father’s Day was.  We stood in the hall and talked while waiting.

When we were let into the classroom by the teacher, we all started working.  There was very little talking.  The woman who sat to my left asked me for help a few times.  I did my best to help, but sometimes I did not understand the instructions on her pattern any better than she did.  The fact that she turned to me, a man in a skirt, for help was encouraging.  She never acted like she found me creepy or anything.  I think she trusted my ability.

At one point, I realized that I was walking around the room doing what I needed to do and I was paying my outfit no attention.  I was completely at ease!  How beautiful it felt to realize that!

I noticed that when my teacher helped me today, she did not appear to be apprehensive.  She seemed apprehensive during a previous class.  I believe it was due to me wearing a skirt that day that was identical to hers other than the color.

I finished sewing the item I was working on.  I tried to decide whether to leave early or to start another project.  Then I remembered that I had a dress that is too big in the hips that I wanted to take in.  I marked the dress for sewing.  My teacher came over and gave me advice.  There was no awkwardness about the fact that she was teaching me how to alter my dress.

By the time I had sewn both sides of the dress, it was time for class to end.  I packed up my stuff and said goodnight.  Since it was the last night, I told the group good-bye and thank you for being so nice to me.  I did not know what to expect when I came to class.  I said that I do not always dress like this.  I told them how this was the first time I have ever done something where I would get to know people and possibly make friends.  In retrospect, I suppose the small group meeting I attended at a sort of religious organization might have also been a chance for me to make friends… but this was clearly a different and more interactive experience.

They responded very politely.  The thrift store owner invited me to pay her store a visit.  The teacher said that if I had any more questions about my project to feel free to contact her and ask.

And that’s it.  A man in obvious women’s clothes can take a sewing class with a group of ladies and not be harassed, rejected, ignored, or anything negative.  I suppose it is possible that I could have been spoken poorly of when I was not present.  But by the end, after they had enough opportunities to to get to know me, I hope that they did not have anything too harsh to say about me.  I suppose every experience like this will be unique.  I should expect the best and the worst.

I have found that the community that I live in is fairly kind to me.  I live in a fairly conservative part of my country.  Also, I have traveled around and have done a lot of my longer-term dressing on trips.  Everywhere I have gone, I have received similar treatment.  I guess I should say as a disclaimer that I have always tried to behave respectfully and normally as possible.  I dress conservatively and usually in rather plain outfits.  All of my skirts hang to just above my knees or are longer.  I normally wear flats.  I do not want to look like a stereotype.  I want to look like what I am, a forty-something, married, parent of young children.


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  1. Since first finding your blog a while ago I have always enjoyed reading it whenever I can and often go back to past ones. Your adventures have helped prove a point that rarely do people actually notice and comment or even “go negative” and make others notice. Not sure where this mostly takes place but I do hope other read and get their man to go out too. Whenever I have gone out there generally has not been a problem I will have to go to with shorts and hose too and see.

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