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Minor Outings

October 20, 2016

I once would not have said that going anywhere out in public during the day while crossdressed was a “minor outing”.  However, all of my recent outings are, to me, minor.  In the past few months, I have not had any “major outings”.  I have only left work during lunch, dressed up, and gone to a couple restaurants or to my barber shop.  I have worn the same clothes that I have worn previously, and gone to the same places that I have visited previously.  I think these outings are minor because I am accustomed to going to these locations.

There is a danger here.  If I were seen by someone who knows me, the same consequences would result from a “minor outing” as a “major outing”.  When it comes to security, there are no “minor outings”.

OK, enough philosophy.  Here are some things I have done:

I have gone on my monthly barber shop visits.  I had grown my hair and beard for a few months during the summer for a drama.  Once I was done with that, I had it all cut off and returned to going to the barber shop.  My barber, a lady, will acknowledge my outfit by saying something is pretty, but then it really is not a topic.  It is minor to her too.  It is not awkward for her to mention it and it is not common for it to be discussed.  Basically, it is a normal relationship.  How is this not a MAJOR thing!?!

The last time I went to the barber shop, there was an employee there I had never met.  She was the weekend employee who was there during the week to fill in for someone.  I was just a man in a skirt.  She talked to me like normal and never reacted to my clothes.  When it was time to wash my hair, she did it.  Near the end of my visit, I thanked her for being so understanding.  She said she did not care.  This was not patronizing.  I suppose it was like piercings or tattoos.  My crossdressing was just some feature of a otherwise normal person.

I have gone out for lunch while crossdressed.  I have gone to the same restaurant a few times.  That is always stressful because, until I walk in, there is a mystery of who is going to be in the dining area.  Also, having to walk across the room in order to fill my drink is stressful when there is a table of construction workers or some other type of laborers.  They have never treated me any worse than “white-collar” workers, such as bankers.  However, those men cause me stress.

One somewhat unusual thing I did recently was I went shopping for myself and openly telling the clerk it was for me.  I went to the ladies’ underwear section in a store and told the clerk who came up to help, “I am a crossdresser and I am looking for underwear with a wider crotch.  She helped me as though it was an ordinary event.  I think it was roughly an ordinary event for me too.  I asked her if she had a lot of male customers.  She said no.  It was not common for men to shop from her, but she did not react any differently to me.  When I did this, it was not frightening.


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  1. It is always good to seem any of us pressing the envelope, no matter how minor it may seem, The more one gets out and about the more it seems that all we really have to fear is fear itself.

    Did the clerk tell you which brands or types of panties have a wider crotch. That is something that I need to look for and sometimes it is a bit hit or miss.

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