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Shorts Outings

November 13, 2016


I had an idea.  I could take some ladies’ shorts, top and shoes with me and wear them to eat breakfast somewhere that was not very far from work.  It might not take very long, it would be rather safe because the clothes would not be obviously female, and it would be an outing.

I chose a pair of white shorts, a black and gray top, nude pantyhose, and white canvas sneakers called “Keds”.  Like always, I was wearing my unmodified, male head.  It was easy to change clothes with this outfit.  No shapewear needed to hide my tummy!

I went to a restaurant for breakfast.  There were very few customers.  A female employee took my order.  We chatted a little bit while I stood at the counter.  Later she talked to me more when she received my money at the cash register. She obviously did not pay attention to my outfit.

I decided to go out again for lunch.  I had the plan to go to a grocery store that had a cafe built into it.  On the way there, I started wanting to go to a restaurant I very frequently go to in menswear.  I debated with myself the whole trip.  I finally went to the grocery store.  Once again, there were no obvious signs anyone noticed anything unusual about me.  At the cafe, I decided to just eat some fruit and vegetables and then go to the restaurant as well.  After eating at the cafe, I walked around the grocery store.

I saw an employee who had brightly colored hair and several obvious tattoos.  I asked her how people reacted to her.  She basically said that they do not.  I admitted that I was a crossdresser and I was curious to know if the glances and stares that I get were the same as what a heavily tattooed person (or otherwise eye-catching person) would receive.  I learned from her that the reactions I receive are more significant than what she receives.  She encouraged me not to worry about anyone and to live my life.  She was very friendly and encouraging.

I left the store and went to the restaurant for a small to-go order.  I stood near the entrance waiting for my to-go order.  No one seemed to notice my outfit.  I spoke with the hostess for a moment.  We said our good-byes.  She appeared to be looking at me legs or shoes when I glanced back while exiting.  That was the only sign of recognition that I noticed.

After work, I went to a “one dollar” style of convenience store and wore the same outfit, except I had on red shorts.  No one paid me attention.

I felt invisible.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Hi Joey,
    I’m a regular reader of your posts, and I really enjoy them. I am very much like you in many ways. I’m completely heterosexual, a devoted husband and father, and I’m a crossdresser. I have no illusions about successfully presenting myself as female, so I make no effort to do so. For that matter I don’t know if I would be happy if I could pull it off. I’m fairly tall, big boned, and I like to pursue traditional male activities such as sports and outdoor activities. Most of these activities require that I maintain a fairly high level of fitness. My career choice was also traditionally male. I feel that my “masculinity” has been established and that my dressing doesn’t take any of that away from me. I don’t go out fully dressed in women’s clothes (not that I wouldn’t it’s just that I’ve never made the effort): hybrid dressing would be more accurate. Usually when I’m out I might have on some nice women’s jeans and a pretty pair of sandals or comfortable flats. Sometimes I just have nicely polished toenails and my flip flops. And like you, my wife is not comfortable with my outings. If she felt differently I would likely have joined one of the support groups for crossdressers and their spouses. The chance to talk and socialize with others like me would’ve been fun. Your conversation with the girl with the colored hair reminds me of a thought that often occurs to me: people with tattoos all over, colored hair, dozens of piercings or earlobes you can fit a golf ball through are looked with mild curiosity while I’m viewed as a freak. I find that strange, but I don’t let it bother me too much. You are doing all of us a huge favor with your outings by showing the public that crossdressers are not lunatics out to harass the general public. Thanks for the great stories. Sorry for the long winded comment.


    • You said you are “viewed as a freak.” I have my doubts that you are. I feel like a freak sometimes, but people kind of treat me like I am normal. I do not feel like the public views me as a freak.

      However, I should confess that some crossdressers are viewed as freaks because they do rather freaky things. Hopefully neither of us are among them!

      • Thank you for your words of encouragement. Like you, I don’t do freaky things when I’m out. I just go about business as I usually do. As I said in an earlier comment I don’t completely dress in women’s clothing. It’s been almost 40 years since I last wore a dress and heels in public, I’d love to do it again sometime. As I’m sure you’ve figured out I’m much older than you. I’m afraid my days of wearing dresses and skirts are long gone. Also I’m married with grown children and a six year old granddaughter. My wife has been out with me wearing my black flats but otherwise dressed in my usual, drab clothes. She was surprised that nobody noticed or said anything even though I told her that had been my experience for years. I’m sure she wouldn’t approve of me going any further. As I’ve said before please keep writing. I feel like I’m living these experiences vicariously through you.


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