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Department Store Outing

November 23, 2016

For off black pantyhose, I prefer to wear supportive hose, namely Hanes Smooth Illusions.  Either the thicker fabric or the extra spandex makes the look a lot better.  I feel like the color is richer and more consistent.  Recently, I tore my last pair of Smooth Illusions off-black pantyhose.  I needed to go shopping in a department store for some more.  I decided to do it in a skirt.

I put on my maxi skirt that is black with white stripes.  I wore a red top, covered with a black cardigan.  I wore off black Sheer Energy Leggs pantyhose, and black flats.

First, I went to a fast food restaurant for lunch.  I built up my nerve and walked in.  The woman working the front counter welcomed me and did not even give me the standard glance down at my lower half.  The restaurant was mostly empty.  I felt emboldened.  I told the woman that I would be dining in.  (I would be eating my food in the restaurant’s dining area.)

I ordered my food and paid.  She gave me a cup.  I walked over to the drink station to fill my cup.  Another employee looked at me and smiled.  My food was ready by the time my cup was full.  I took my food and sat down to eat.

After I ate, I threw away my trash and put up my tray.  I walked over to the drink station to refill my cup.  An employee smiled at me.  I smiled and waved at her.  I filled my cup.  As I turned to walk to the exit, I noticed a head was peeking around the wall that separates the kitchen from the serving area.  It was a young man.  He was peeking around to see me and he had what I perceived to be a laughing expression on his face.  He pulled back when I looked at him.

Being laughed at was disappointing.  It diminished the experience of being at the restaurant.  However, it did not bother me much.  I just walked on out to my car and left.

Next I went to a department store.  I parked and walked in.  As soon as I entered, I became nervous.  I turned and hid between racks of clothing and purses as I traveled to the hosiery section.  I could not find my brand on the rack.  I found a set of samples for my brand hanging above the rack.  I looked again.  Smooth Illusions were nowhere to be found.  I did discover that Donna Karan pantyhose were on sale.

I went to an employee.  I asked her if she knew if they had stopped carrying Smooth Illusions.  She did not know and she left me to find someone else to help me.  The second woman came to help me.  She asked me what I was looking for.  As I told her, I came around a rack of clothes.  Once the second woman saw my outfit, she gave the first woman a look.  I think this means that the first woman did not mention how I was dressed.

The second woman looked back at me and proceeded to help me as she would any customer.  She agreed that the brand I was looking for was not there.  She left me and brought back a third woman.  While number three was talking to me (and making her own search for the product) a customer joined the conversation.  She asked what we were searching for.  She suggested that she always wears Silk Reflections and recommended them.

The third employee said that she believed they stopped carrying that brand.  She left politely.  The other customer and I spoke briefly about various brands.  An older couple were in the sock section.  The husband took occasional peeks between racks so he could get a look at me.  He was trying to be discreet.  It did not bother me.

Since the Donna Karan pantyhose were on sale, I decided to try a pair.  These would be my first pair of DK pantyhose I have ever purchased.  I walked to the cash register.  Employee number three was working the register.  I had to stand in an aisle near an intersection.  I felt a bit exposed, but I stayed put.

There was a ~55 year old woman in line ahead of me, but she let me go first because she was digging in her purse.  While I was being checked out this customer talked to me like normal.  I paid and walked out of the store.

On my way out of the store, I held the door open for a woman in (what looked like) a Muslim head covering.  She was pushing a baby stroller.  I held the door open for her and said, “Good morning!”  She smiled politely at me and said, “Thank you.”


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  1. Joey
    It has been a bit since I have checked on your blog and I was pleased to see several new entries that I had not read before.
    I really like both your writing style with your close attention to detail and to impressions (both your thoughts and your perceived thought about what others may be thinking). I also really like and wish to support and encourage your continued outings. I wish that I had the courage and or ability to do what you do.
    I think that every time you have a pleasant encounter on a major or minor encounter that it opens the eyes of those you meet to the option of there being a guy in a dress.
    In my situation I am fairly comfortable at home dressing in the house but getting out is just something that concerns me and scares the wits out of my wife.
    Keep writing about your minor and major outings.

    • It also scares the wits out of my wife and me too. I try to only have outings “far” from home. But the meaning of far has reduced as I have become more…. something (foolish, brave, risky, ignorant, I don’t know…).

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