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A Pantyhose Run

November 27, 2016


(Please pardon the pun.)

My last pair of Hanes Smooth Illusions in off black had a run in them.  I decided to dress pretty and go buy a new pair.  In a previous blog post, I told the story of how I dressed up during lunch and went to the department store to go shopping for a new pair.  I went to the department store where I bought my last pair.  they did not have any in stock.  They did not carry that product any longer.  I bought some Donna Karan pantyhose.  I noticed that the sizing chart did not include me.  This is no big surprise.  I am normally not on the sizing chart.  However, I do manage to find pantyhose that fit.  They were on sale, so I risked it.

Today, I put on the Donna Karan pantyhose.  They were very sheer.  Too sheer for my tastes.  I pulled them up and realized I needed to pull one leg up a little more.  In the process, I had an explosion of sorts.  In an instant, a hole appeared at the top of my right leg that was probably large enough to insert my foot.  Dozens of runs tickled my leg as they shot down to my foot.  Good-bye $9.  (I bought them on sale.  Normally they are $20.)

I put on some Leggs Sheer Energy off-black pantyhose and went to work.  I only underdress at work.  During lunch, I drove to a department store.  The parking lot was rather full.  I was not feeling bold.  I put on my black flats and my black top that has a cardigan built into it.  I kept on my men’s blue jeans.  I went into the store to the hosiery section.  They did not have Hanes Smooth Illusions either.  I think Sara Blakely’s products have bumped my product out of the stores…

I browsed for a few moments in the ladies’ tops before leaving the store.  I put on my multi-colored skirt and drove to another clothing store.  At this point, I was just shopping for the fun of it.  I walked into the clothing store and the employees welcomed me.  I do not think they saw me.

I browsed for tops.  I looked through the clearance racks.  An employee, the manager, approached me.  She never flinched at my outfit and immediately started helping me.  She helped me find knit camisoles that are longer in length and good for layering.  I picked out a few other items (tops and skirts).  She came by again and asked if I wanted her to start a dressing room for me.

I eventually went to the dressing room with a few tops, two skirts, and two camisoles.  I tried on different combinations.  The manager brought me a couple blue jean jackets.  I stepped out and looked in the mirror.  The manager saw me in a couple outfits and gave me some feedback.

I was not pleased with anything I picked out except for one skirt.  It came to my knees.  It was an animal print, straight-cut skirt.  I loved the fabric, and I loved the fit and length.  However, I thought, “I cannot buy a leopard print skirt!”  Boy, would that stand out in my closet!  Does animal print make me look like I am looking for companionship?!?  … or customers?!?

I took the skirt back to the rack to see if they had it in a different size, just in case.  I did not see a better size.  However, I did see a white sweater miniskirt that had some black details knitted into it.  I took it back to try on.  I loved the look.  It was so classy.  I asked the employees if it was too short.  They said no.  It was slightly too big, and they did not have a better size for me.  I decided that I could alter it myself sufficiently.

I was determined to buy it, and then I thought I should sit down in it.  It failed the “sit down” test.  It came up so far in the back when I sat down that one could probably see my control tops when I crossed my legs.

I bought the leopard print skirt.  So, my pantyhose run turned into a skirt run instead…

A notable thing happened while I was shopping.  Since this whole bathroom thing has happened, (some states have made it illegal for a crossdressing man to use the ladies’ restroom,)  I have felt extra awkward about being in a dressing room when a woman is in a nearby dressing room.  Here I was in a store that did not have a men’s dressing room area.  There was a woman in one of the other dressing cubicles.  I tried not to make my gender known.  At some point, however, I was looking at myself in the three way mirror in the common area when the other customer came out.  She looked at me.  I looked at her.  I said, “Hello,” and returned to looking in the mirror at myself.  She said, “Not something I am used to.”  I responded with something like, “Yeah.  Sorry.”  She left the dressing area and I went on about my business.

The leopard print skirt is hanging in my closet.


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  1. I’ve wondered many times how the “bathroom issue” might affect the general public’s view of crossdressing. At first I felt like just at the point we, as a community, were making serious progress that we were about to see it all evaporate. Hopefully that isn’t the case.

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