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Leopard Print Skirt Outing

November 28, 2016

A few days ago, I bought a leopard print skirt.  What was I thinking?  I fear that it is too exotic.  I am a man in a skirt.  Isn’t that exotic enough?!?  Well I bought it.  And it started “burning a hole in my brain”.  I wanted to wear it out.

I decided to go out during lunch to a store and buy a Christmas gift for my wife.  I changed into my black top with the built in cardigan (I know I have worn it a lot recently.  It was washed!)  I wore my new leopard print skirt that comes down to my knees with off black pantyhose.  Also, for round one, I wore my black flats.

I went to the grocery store that I visited in a couple previous posts.  I took a lap through the store feeling rather confident.  I went to the cafe and filled my plate with fruit and salad.  There is a transgender employee at this cafe.  He took my money and spoke very briefly with me.  He was not uncomfortable.  I was pleased that this time, I was able to slip in a “sir” into our conversation.

I ate my food in the empty dining area.  Then I walked back into the grocery area and picked up something I wanted to buy.  I waited in line at the cashier.  The other cashier was faster and invited me into her lane.  I paid her and had small talk like normal.  She was friendly, casual, and engaging.  It was very nice.

I drove to the “home accent” store.  I put on my black heels that are booties.  I walked in and started looking for the item I wanted to buy for my wife.  One employee was working.  She said, “You came back!”  One customer looked at me and seemed surprised, but then went back to the conversation she was having.  Another customer spoke to me as she walked by in a friendly way.  I think she was trying to be supportive and make me feel accepted.  It was very kind.

I found the item I wanted to buy for my wife.  Then I saw the price…  I wanted to buy a few of this item.  But that would be WAY too much money for such a minor gift.  Maybe I will get it next year when the price becomes reasonable.

I felt rather disappointed.  It was time to go back to work.  I did not want to change yet.  I walked next door to a clothing store.  It was a high-end store.  The owner is a fashion consultant.  I asked her for help.  She walked me around the store giving me a lot of advice.  Two other employees came along.  It was great!  The four of us were walking around talking fashion.

A customer came in and the employees dispersed.  One employee was helping her.  At some point, our paths intersected.  She spoke to me politely and with no concern about my outfit.  It was as if she always sees skirted men in the women’s clothing stores.

I shopped around some.  The fashion consultant had me try on scarves and necklaces.  I passed on those.  I never feel like things like that look right on me.  I find that ladies’ tops that would look OK on me if I were dressed as a man look better on me when I am in a skirt.  I do not know if I am correct or if I have some sort of unreasonable apprehension.  In any case, I have learned that if I do not feel good about how I look in something, then I will not wear it.  There is no point in buying something I will never wear.

I told the ladies, “Thank-you,” and I left.  I changed back into menswear and went back to work.


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