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Busy Toy Store Outing

December 4, 2016


I went on a lunch time outing.  I changed into a black, knee-length skirt, a black and gray blouse, off black pantyhose, and short black heels.  I went to two restaurants and a toy store.

The first restaurant was empty.  I went rather early.  I have been to this restaurant a couple times recently.  This time there was a male waiter.  He was in his later teens.  Apparently, he was not in school.  I have seen this young man before.  He was the person who came out of the back on my first visit to this restaurant.

The waiter was not very attentive.  He took my order, brought my drink, and brought my food.  He never filled my empty cup, and he never brought the bill.  I was not offended at his inattentiveness.  I do wonder if he avoided coming to my table because of my appearance.

I had some phone calls to make.  I made my first call while eating my salad.  My food arrived after the call was complete.  I ate and made my second call.  I ate some fruit for dessert and was preparing to leave.  A woman came in with two children.  They were seated.  The children faced away from my path to the exit.  The woman, I assume their grandmother, would be able to see my departure.  I walked to the register to pay my bill and I left.

I visited a second restaurant for ice cream.  Normally, when I visit this restaurant while dressed pretty, I am the only customer.  The owner will talk to me about our families, etc.  I still had a phone call to make.  I dealt with that.  The owner and I did not speak much.  A girl, possibly eight, entered the restaurant as I was leaving.  I think the sight of me in a skirt consumed too much of her attention for her to walk.  She seemed to lose her way as we passed each other.  I looked back after I was out of the store.  The girl was headed straight to the ice cream machines.  Her mother was slowly making her way out of her car.

Next, I visited a small toy store.  There were a couple moms with young children shopping as well.   Someone from the counter greeted me as I came in.  I walked around the store learning how the store was arranged.  I found the right area.  I browsed that area some.  Then I spoke to a woman at the counter.  She turned out to be the owner.  She was very engaging.  She was very friendly.  She helped me for possibly ten minutes.

Welling up with emotion:
During the time the owner helped me, I explained my daughter to her.  My little girl is VERY thoughtful.  I described a gift she gave my wife one time.  I started to well up with emotion.  When I start to well up with emotion as if to cry, my throat locks up.  I cannot make words easily.  Some people call it being “choked up”.  Then, if it continues, my eyes will moisten and my face will redden some.  Telling stories about loving, caring, or emotional things occasionally causes this to happen within me.

As I was telling this woman about my daughter, I started choking up.  Then something very interesting to me happened.  I am not sure why, but I did not try to hide my emotion.  I did not try to stop it.  I decided not to be embarrassed about my emotions because I was already dressed in a skirt.  Before this event, I have never welled up while dressed pretty.  I cannot remember ever welling up like this in any outfit and not feeling embarrassed and a little annoyed by it.  Anyhow, it was really interesting.

So, back to the story…  While I was talking to the woman about my daughter, I choked up.  Then, I placed my palm on my chest, and I continued talking.  The woman “gushed” about how sweet my daughter sounded.  She did not react to my emotion directly.  It was really neat to see my own behavior.

While I was being helped by the owner, at least four groups of customers entered the store.  Most groups were one or two people.  There were at least two larger groups that came in.  There may have been twenty people shopping in the two room store.

As the customers were piling in, I kept an eye out for anyone I know coming in.  I also occasionally looked to see if people were paying me any attention.  No one paid me any particular attention.  I felt like I had unusual confidence on this outing.  I think the confidence was driven by my Christmas shopping outing last week.


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