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My Bald Legs and Medical Professionals

December 16, 2016

It’s winter.  I have shaved legs.  That is what some crossdressers do.  We show our hairy legs in the summer and we hide our smooth legs in the winter.

Normally, I do not have to go to the doctor.  When I do go to the doctor, they normally do not look at my legs.  It has happened.  This month, it happened a few times.  Here is what happened…

A couple years ago, I had to go to a physical therapist for a few weeks.  If I recall correctly, I had shaved legs.  But I might be mistaken.  It never was discussed.

This year, I had to have a specialist look at my leg.  He said I needed to have a procedure done on it.  He never mentioned my bald legs.

Later, I went to a new family doctor (general practitioner).  He inspected me all over.  He asked me to pull up my pants leg.  He asked me, “Do you shave?”  I said, “Yes.”  He asked, “Any particular reason?”  I replied, “I just like it.”  He did not probe any farther.

I returned to the specialist’s office.  Again there was no acknowledgement of my shaved legs.

The date came for my procedure.  The nurse gave me a hospital gown to put on and left the room.  She came in after I had on the gown.  My smooth legs were on display.  She came in, looked at my legs, walked right up to them and bent over while looking at them.  Then she said, “Oh, I don’t have to trim your hair for this!”

The next day, I was scheduled to go to a Physical Therapist.  I pulled off my sweat pants in the office.  It is an open environment.  I was in shorts with bald legs.  The Physical Therapist never mentioned it.  The office was an open environment.  I did not see any other patients or employees pay my legs any attention.  My wife came over to join me at one point.  My wife is not comfortable with me crossdressing.  This was the first time she had been with me while my bald legs were exposed.  I am glad it was a non-event.

My children, who do not know that I crossdress, have seen my some of my leg since my procedure.  Often a couple inches of my ankle is exposed when I have my leg propped up.  I try to keep it covered to avoid their notice.  But I have shown them my whole leg when they wanted to see where the procedure was performed.  I think that they did not notice the missing hair or the present stubble.  I know that they would not maintain a professional silence about such a thing!  They are curious and expressive!

Several physical therapy visits later with a few different therapists, no reaction.  This is going to continue for a while, but I will not bother to mention any more non-events.  If something interesting happens, I will add it to this post.


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  1. I hope your medical procedure went well, and I pray for a speedy recovery. I admire your intrepid spirit.

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