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Standing Out in Different Ways

January 7, 2017

I recently had a cold.  Actually, my whole family was sick.  I went to my doctor’s office.  They had a box of masks to put on for people with fevers.  During the appointment, my doctor gave me a prescription and a lot of other instructions.  I left the doctor’s office and went to the grocery store to fulfill the non-prescription instructions.  At the grocery store, I bought juice, soup, cold medicine, etc.

While walking around that store, I had on the mask.  There was a woman on the over-the-counter medicine aisle.  She looked at me and then tried to act normally.  It was SO much like when I am out in a skirt.  She was shopping on the same aisle as me.  She tried not to behave like I was some dangerous germ distributor as we both searched for the right cold remedies.  I could see that she was paying attention to where I was.  In spite of that, she tried to treat me with respect.  This was repeated with numerous customers on other aisles.  Each customer would give me an uncommon glance, and then a nonchalant follow-up.

Later, I went to the pharmacy.  They did not have what I needed.  They transfered my prescription to another location.  The other location was out in the countryside.  At the rural score, I received a much different reaction to the mask I was wearing.  These people looked at me, saw the mask, and then seemed to express shock or concern.  They did not glare at me, but they looked like they felt some degree of fear or caution.  They seemed to keep their eyes on me.  I believe this reaction is a lot like how people USED TO react to me when I would go out as a man in a skirt.

It was a truly fascinating experience.


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  1. Standing out can be uncomfortable. We believe you have to own it! And I am sure you did just that, which is what we also tried to incorporate in making our masks. “Yes I am wearing a mask, and YES it’s beautiful!”

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