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Haircut and Eye Doctor Outing

January 13, 2017

I went on a lunchtime outing.  I left work and changed into a black and white striped skirt, a red pull-over top, a thick black cardigan sweater, nude pantyhose, and black flats.  Like usual, I was otherwise presenting male.

Barber Shop
First, I went to the barber shop.  In truth, it is more of a salon.  Normally, if I get there early, there are few or no other customers.  Normally, all customers are women.  Often, I get my  hair cut while the other customers are waiting for their color or perm to set.  This time, when I arrived, there was only one customer, a man, and he was getting his hair cut.  I sat down and waited.

Another customer arrived.  It was another man.  He greeted the owner of the salon.  He greeted me.  He made a few glances to my face and down to my skirt.  He never stopped presenting a friendly face, but he needed a few seconds to perceive what I was wearing while he took off his jacket.

The man sat down on another couch that was 90 degrees off from my couch.  Then, he commenced to hold a light conversation with me about the weather, etc.  He took another glance at my lower half a couple times, but he never mentioned it and never seemed uncomfortable with talking to me.

I was called back for my hair cut.  It was uneventful.  The owner’s daughter arrived eventually and she politely greeted me.  When my hair cut was finished, I paid and said my good-byes.  The man got up while I was paying.  He walked past me and asked me if I was not cold and made a hand motion to communicate about my exposed legs.  I told him, “No, I am in warm buildings most of the time.”

Eye Doctor
Next, I went to my eye doctor.  My insurance says that I am now eligible for new glasses now that it is a new year.  I went to the office to discuss frames, etc.  I arrived and was the only person in the waiting room.  While I was waiting at the receptionist’s counter, the door opened behind me.  In walked a mother and a little girl that I would estimate to be an eight year old.

I am uncomfortable around children.  I do not want to give them ideas of things to try, and I do not want to force the parents to have uncomfortable conversations with their children about me and my crossdressing.  Since my back was to them, possibly neither the child nor her mother noticed me.  They came in and walked around the corner of the counter.  I kept the column on the counter between my face and the little girl.

I got the impression that the mother was an involved, engaged parent.  She corrected the child with, “What did I tell you before we came in?”  The child obeyed.  Then the child came around her mother and saw me.  She stood there, five feet (1.5 meters) away from me.  I awkwardly and quickly turned my head to glance at her and back.  She was standing there facing me just looking at me.  She smiled and raised her hand to wave.  I had glanced away too quickly, so I glanced back to acknowledge her wave.  She waved again.  She stood there for at least a full minute just looking at me.

The mother and the employee walked over to a display case to look at frames, the girl went with them, but I think she was looking at me as she walked away.  Then, she started looking at frames and I never saw her pay me any more attention.  At one point, the mother decided that she would go to another store to find the frames the girl wanted because they did not have them.  I worried that she saw me and decided to get out quick.

The employees helped me find my frames just like last time.  I was treated with the same respect I would have received in menswear.  During this process, another customer, a man, came in and sat down.  Then he was called back to the doctor.  I never paid him any attention, so I do not know if he ever looked at me.

Finally, I went to a restaurant.  I was going to go to a sandwich shop, but the restaurant next door had no customers.  This one had a glass front where I could see the entire serving area.  There were two young, pretty ladies at the counter talking.  This seemed more inviting than the sandwich shop which appeared to have some customers at the tables.

I went to the empty restaurant.  One of the women immediately went to the kitchen to be ready to serve me.  They had watched me approach the door.  I was served like normal.  I got my food to go.  I sat in the dining area while I waited on my order.  I received my food and went to my car.

When I got to my car I looked back into the restaurant.  The two women were back at the front counter, but they were not looking at each other this time.  They were watching me.  I got into my car.  They turned toward each other.  I could not tell, but they might have shared a laugh.  It was not easy to see their faces.  Their body movements were inconclusive.

I left there, changed back into my work clothes, and I went back to work and ate my lunch..


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