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Shopping and Lunch Outing

January 28, 2017


Once again, I went on an outing during my lunch break.  I put on my multi-colored skirt, a red top with 3/4 sleeves, nude pantyhose, black flats.  I also had my black faux leather jacket, but I did not wear it.  It was too warm.

Discount Store
First I went to a discount store that sold clothing and more.  I went to the clothing section.  On my way, no one paid me any attention.  While I was shopping, none of the nearby customers detected anything unusual about me.

I found colorful tops!  These knit tops were long enough to cover my midsection when I reach up with my arms.  The sleeves were shorter than I prefer.  One should not see someone’s armpit hair when they raise their elbow.  The neck opening was also slightly larger than I prefer.  However, these were usable tops.  I also found some skirts, some leggings to try on.

In order to enter the dressing room, an employee had to unlock it.  I walked over to an employee and told her what I needed.  She went to go get a key.  I returned to the dressing room area.  When the employee approached with the key, she got her first glimpse of my outfit.  She did a double take and then proceeded as though nothing was unusual.  She took another look at my outfit after unlocking the door for me.  I thanked her and that was that.

I tried on several items.  I decided to purchase the items I listed previously.  I returned to the aisles to put up the clothes I would not buy.  A woman in her 50s was riding on an electric cart was shopping near me.  We ended up on the same aisle.  She was too occupied to look at me.  At some point, we started talking.  She never paid my outfit any attention, and she was completely natural with me.

I selected a few colors of the good shirts and went to the cashier.  She was friendly and professional and never seemed to give my outfit the common up-down-up look that many people give me.  I bought a shiny, silky, a-line, below-the-knee skirt; a black sweater skirt with white accents near the bottom; seamless leggings with fleece inside; three long waisted, solid-colored tops in red, green, and teal.  All of this was only $30.  Perhaps these clothes are cheaply made and will not last many washings.

A significant thing to note about this part of my outing is that most of the people that I encountered were “blue collar” people.  Perhaps one would call them “working class” or “laboring class” people.  I perceived them to be low-paid, lowly-educated people.  Where I live, a lot this segment of the population often would be very conservative and not very open minded.  They might consider a man in a skirt to be a social threat.  They might scowl at me.  They might say something rude directly to me.  None of these things happened.  Perhaps my expectations are incorrect.

Consignment Store
I went to a consignment store.  This is the store where I bought the multi-colored skirt I was wearing.  I changed into the teal top that I had just purchased.  It matched the skirt much better than the red top I was wearing.

I walked into the store and said hello to my friend who owns the consignment store.  She smiled and happily welcomed me in.  Before she had finished saying her greeting, I had walked into the store enough to see that she was checking out a customer.  The customer looked at me as I came into view.  She smiled and said hello to me as well.  Since she was with a customer, I looked around the store.  When the customer was finished, she walked past me toward the exit.  She again politely spoke to me and wished me well.  She was not passively being polite, she went above and beyond local custom for politeness.  Interesting…

My friend and I talked and caught up.  I have not seen her in months.  She is kind of like my big sister who helps me put together outfits.  She takes a lot of interest in my adventures.  She had not seen me since I shaved my beard.  I tried on some boots that she had in my size, but they did not work out because the mouth of the boot was much too large.

I asked for her opinion about my new jacket.  She approved.  I still needed to go eat lunch.  She recommended a couple places and mentioned that they were busy.  I had spent so much time shopping that it was now deep into the lunch hour.

Sandwich Shop
I left her store and went to a sandwich restaurant where they build your sandwich.  I could not see into the restaurant very well from the parking lot.  That is frightening, because I cannot predict what type of people I will encounter, or if I know any of them.

I went into the restaurant.  No one was waiting in line.  Only one of the employees looked up from what she was doing.  I was at the counter before any other employee looked at me.  Therefore, only the first employee knew I was in a skirt.  The employees at the counter made my sandwich and spoke with me.  I complimented a younger employee on her hair.  It was all in braids.  I think it was a weave (fake hair blended into real hair).  It was pretty.

When my sandwich was complete, I approached the cash register where the employee who definitely saw my skirt was waiting.  She asked me if the food was for here or to-go.  There was one couple in the dining area.  Another woman was behind me in line.  I decided to eat in.  I filled my drink cup, sat down, and ate my sandwich.

The woman in the dining area couple saw me at the cash register.  I never noticed her lunch mate look my way.  She must not have thought it was worth mentioning.  I find that SO intriguing.

The woman who was behind me in line got her food to go.  My table was near the door.  As the customer was leaving, she spoke to me as she slowed in order to push the door open.  She said something like, “It’s a very busy day…”  She  unnecessarily spoke to a crossdresser!  How positive!!

After I finished, disposed of my trash, and refilled my cup.  I went to the exit and turned to push the door with my side.  The older female employee said good-bye.  Perhaps another woman spoke too.  I said good-bye.  I made eye contact with the younger employee whose hair I had complimented.  During that second or two of eye contact, she smiled gently.  I felt welcome there.

As I was stepping out of the restaurant, a male employee happened to approach the counter while working.  He also said good-bye.

I changed and went back to work.

Hispanic Stores and Downtown
After work, I wanted to have another outing.  I put on my red, a=line skirt and the teal top.  I was also wearing nude pantyhose with flats.  I went to a Hispanic grocery store.  I bought a soft drink.  I went to another Hispanic restaurant and bought some sweet bread.  I drove to the downtown area of a small, nearby town.   I got out of my car and walked down the empty sidewalk.  I crossed the street in front of a parked car with a woman in it.  I looked in at couples learning to dance.  I walked up the other side of the street.  I passed a couple restaurants where I saw people dining.  They could not see me.  I crossed the street again.  I walked back toward my car.  I passed a bar.  A woman was sitting in front of it smoking.  We said, “Hello” to each other as I passed her.  I returned to my car and drove home.


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  1. Rachel permalink

    You are amazing. You are so brave. I wish I could do what you do. Can you please start posting pictures again. I am a huge fan and I would love to see your fashion.

  2. Hello Rachel, Thank you for visiting and commenting. However, I am not sure if what I am is brave or foolish! When I go out in public, I am normally alone. So, if I have had my picture taken, I have asked a stranger to take it. There are two awkward things about that. How do you ask a stranger to take your picture in a boring place, like a grocery store, without seeming like a nut? I think doing something like that makes me appear to be doing something special when I am trying to live as though I am doing something normal. The second reason is: since I do not carry a purse, where am I going to keep a camera on my person? Even though I have taken my phone on several outing, it has remained in my car each time. I will try to do better!

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