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New Barber Shop and Lunch

February 18, 2017


I needed a haircut.  I put on an orange top, a black cardigan, a denim skirt, off-black pantyhose, and my black flat shoes.  I went to a new barber shop/salon.  I got out of my car and walked in.  An elderly woman was seated behind a tall counter.  This very polite woman welcomed me.  She could not see my outfit.  However, the other employees could see me.  I received the biggest reaction I have gotten for some time from my crossdressing.  I received some stares that communicated slight alarm from them.  I sat in waiting room and talked politely with a nice older woman who was also waiting.

Here is a picture from a previous outing of the same outfit:


After a few minutes, a female employee entered the waiting area and invited me back.  The salon was busy.  All of the other people were.  There were five or six hairdressers.  Each hairdresser had a customer.  There were a few additional customers under hair dryers.  In a room with fifteen women, most of whom were older than me, I, the only man, may have been the only person wearing a skirt.  (I am unsure about the nice lady at the front counter.

The woman who called me back seated me and began to cut my hair.  We talked most of the time.  She was very business=like at the start, but she seemed to relax as we talked.  When she finished cutting, I asked if she could wash my hair so I would not have to itch all day.  She washed my hair.  While she was finishing washing my hair, the owner of the salon entered the room to do something.  I spoke to her.  She was the one who gave me the most alarmed looking stare when I first arrived.  She talked politely to me and shook my hand.  I went back to the barber’s chair and combed my hair.

I stood up and paid my hairdresser.  As I was preparing to leave, another employee walked by and told me to come back.  She was the only person to tell me that.  I do not know whether I will come back or not.  I think it depends on how much I like my haircut.

I left the salon and made another stop at a store.  It was uneventful.

Next, I went on to the sandwich restaurant I ate at on a recent outing.  I was the only customer.  I ordered my food and paid.  While I was paying, another man entered and got in line.  I filled my drink and sat in a booth.  The man sat on the other side of the room and never looked my way.

When I got up to leave, I looked over at the man.  He glanced up at me.  We nodded, “Hello” to one another.  The employees welcomed me back next time as I left.


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  1. If you liked the haircut I would go back. They seemed to like having you as a customer.

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