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Pharmacy and Consignment Store

February 24, 2017


I had some time, so I put on a skirt and went on a short outing.  I wore an outfit that I had in my car from a recent outing: denim above-the-knee skirt, orange top, black cardigan, and flats.

I went to a corner convenience store/pharmacy.  The time is approaching for me to stop shaving my legs for the summer.  I was shopping for a product to lighten the color of my leg hair.  I browsed a couple aisles but did not find anything.  There was a man working on one aisle that might have contained what I needed.  I hesitated and then entered the aisle.

The male employee did not immediately look at me when I started approaching his area of the aisle.  When he did look at me, he looked at my face and nowhere else.  He did not give me the standard up-down-up look that I commonly receive.  I told him what I wanted.  He took me to another aisle and showed me one option.

I asked about an alternative product that I had heard of but I could not remember the name.  He called over a female employee.  He left me.  When she walked up, she also did not give me a look down.  She maintained eye contact.  Perhaps she saw me when I walked in.  In any case, she also treated me like I was the 1000th man in a skirt to enter the store that day.

I explained to the woman what product the man had shown me and asked about an alternative product.  She assumed that I wanted to bleach the hair on my head.  I told her that I do not shave my leg hair in summer and that I want this product to lighten the hair color to make it less obvious.  At that point, she leaned back and looked down at my legs.  I was wearing dark pantyhose.  I assume she was looking to see my leg hair.  The female employee showed me one alternative product.

I made a decision and walked up to the cash register.  I had to wait in line.  I never noticed anyone else look at me.  Only a delivery man may have had an opportunity.

My next stop was a consignment shop that I had never been to before.  I parked right in front and walked in the glass door.  Perhaps the girl at the counter watched me walk to the door.  I assume she saw me approach because she also only looked into my face when she greeted me.

I shopped in the consignment store for a few minutes.  The girl did not attend to me, but she would respond if I asked her a question.  She was very engaging when she spoke.  Again it was as though she gets skirted male customers all the time.


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  1. My legs are hairless year round so I do not face your issue. I am not hairy to begin with and with very little time in the sun my arm hair turn bleach blond.
    Have you considered using simple and cheap hydrogen peroxide. I have heard that some women use it on their arms to dye their arm hair blond. It may be an easy and cheap solution to any hair you sport during the summer.

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