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Grocery Store Outing

March 3, 2017


I went on another grocery shopping outing to the same store I went to on a previous grocery shopping outing.  I wore a red a-line skirt, black and white horizontally striped sweater top, a long, black cardigan, off-black pantyhose, and flats.

When I walked into the store, I had to walk past the cash registers.  There were no customers.  There were, however, five female employees gathered near one of the registers.  Most of the ladies looked toward me when I walked into the store.  One young woman smiled politely (while glancing down at my lower half) and welcomed me to the store.  The others did not speak.

On one of the first aisles I went down in the store, I came upon an employee.  She turned and saw me when I was about ten feet away.  She spoke kindly to me.

I started this outing later than I wanted to.  Elementary schools had released their students.  There were some children in the store.  I tried to make sure I was never seen by any children.  Being concerned about being seen by the children caused me to feel more stress than the last time I had an outing in this store.  After I had shopped on a couple aisles without seeing any children, I stopped being concerned about them.

I did my shopping.  I visited every aisle.  Unfortunately, I did not have a fellow shopper who crossed paths with me frequently.

It might be because I was not watching people as much as last time, but I saw even fewer reactions from other customers.  However, one older, burly looking man appeared to change his mind about entering an aisle I was shopping on.  Shortly after I left it, I noticed that he was on the aisle.  I wondered if he was avoiding me.  Perhaps I am misinterpreting the situation.

After completing my shopping, I arrived at the cash registers.  My cashier and “bag boy” were both significantly older than me.  The cashier moved a shopping cart in behind me while I was in line.  She spoke to me and said, “Don’t let me bump you.”  She explained that after she finished with me, she was going home for the day.  I asked her how long she had been there when she started to check out my groceries.  We had a short, polite conversation.  When I exited the checkout lane, the man who bagged my groceries thanked me for coming.

I went to a second grocery store to find a couple things that I did not find in this store.  Soon after I entered this store, I passed a female employee who was on the floor stocking shelves.  She turned her head and looked at my face.  She smiled and said, “Hello,” and returned to her work.  I think she did not notice my outfit.

When I was waiting in the checkout line, a woman in a dress got in line behind me.  Suddenly, I was not the only person in the store in a skirt and pantyhose!  We stood there waiting.  At one point, she made eye contact with me.  She smiled a friendly smile and greeted me.  I asked her if she was dressed for an occasion or if she dressed like that for work.  She had attended a funeral.  I asked her about her deceased family member.  We talked until the cashier had finished with my order.  We said good-bye to each other and I left.

After that, I visited a clothing store that I shopped in during my previous outing.  I saw the employee from my previous visit.  We spoke briefly.  I asked her to take my picture.  Shortly after that, I had to go home to put up my groceries.







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  1. I really like the outfit. She skirt looks so soft and flowing and it really looks nice on you. The combination of the cardigan and striped top is a good pick and your shoes are much to nice to be passed of as simple flats.

    • Thank you Pat. I am not sure if I will keep wearing the skirt. I think I feel more comfortable about how I look when I wear a straight skirt. I am learning to branch out in my styles… Maybe I should post a series of pictures some day and ask people to give me feedback.

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