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Use Hand Lotion to Help Pantyhose Stay in Place

May 13, 2017

Although I have mentioned this trick before, I decided to reiterate it after what I experienced today…

Normally, before I put on my pantyhose (sheer tights), I massage enough hand lotion into my legs, hips, and tummy to moisturize them.  Afterwards, my pantyhose stay in place pretty well.  Eventually, after about nine or ten hours, they will start to slide some.

I normally pump about eight pumps of lotion into my hands and that is enough to cover whatever skin the hose are going to touch.  I have to use so much lotion because I have a lot of leg.  I just use whatever cheap lotion I find in the store.  I do not normally use my more expensive Avon lotion.  I save that for my hands.

Sometimes I have worn Leggs Active Support pantyhose without lotion and observed that they stayed in place pretty well (but not as well as with lotion).  Today, I wore Leggs Sheer Energy in medium support without lotion.  They started sliding down immediately.  I went to the restroom and pulled up about four inches (ten cm) of material on the legs.  Shortly later, it happened again.  This same pair of pantyhose did not do this the previous two or three times I wore them with lotion.  It made a BIG difference!

If you have never tried using lotion to help hold pantyhose in place, consider trying it and letting me know if this is a general truth or if it only works for me.

FOLLOWUP: I have once again worn the pair of pantyhose that were SO loose that day.  This time I applied lotion prior to putting them on.  They stayed in place all day.  Man, I love this discovery!

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One Comment
  1. Jayjayjay permalink

    This is so cool!

    I found your site by accident whilst checking on the internet if I was the only one who uses moisturizer before wearing tights. Personally I use body moisurizer in very liberal amounts, right after a shower, on freshly shaved legs, then let it settle for hours. (My skin gets horribly dry in winter).

    So anyway – I wasn’t expecting to find such a wealth of inspiring stories. I’ve been exploring your site for a week and it’s been amazing.

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