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Lunch, $1 Store, and Consignment Store Outing

May 15, 2017


I had some time for an afternoon outing today.  I put on my orange maxi skirt, white top, navy cardigan, and white Keds that I had in my “outing bag”.  I wore this for only an hour in my previous outing.  I like how this outfit looks quite a lot.  My goal was to eat lunch and go to a consignment store that I frequent.  The last time I went there, I tried on an orange and white dress.  Since then, I have thought about that dress several times.

Mexican Restaurant
First, I ate a late lunch.  I went to Mexican restaurant that I had never visited before.  I walked in without much fear.  I had seriously considered going to a buffet-style restaurant, but I felt too uncomfortable with that idea this close to home.  The Mexican restaurant was almost deserted.  I expected this from how empty the parking lot was.

In the restaurant, I saw a table of Hispanic men in one direction, a table of women in another direction, and an individual man at a third table.  I walked up to the hostess stand and waited for someone to seat me.  I saw the man sitting alone at the table looking at me.  I think some of the women were looking too.  I did not care very much and I chose not to look at them.  I wanted to be confident and just “own it”.

A male employee saw me and had a bit of an unsure moment before he walked over to me and seated me in the area near the table of men.  I gave him my order and I crossed my legs and waited.  The men never paid me any attention.  My drink was brought by one woman.  My food came shortly later in the hands of a second woman.  I do not think they noticed my outfit.

I ate my small meal quickly and without incident.  I walked up to the cash register when I was finished.  I did not look to see the people whom I believe were all still at their tables.  I figured I would pay quickly and leave.  Instead, the man who seated me started talking to me.  I had used some of the little Spanish I know when he had seated me.  He started asking me about where I learned Spanish and what was my mother tongue, etc.  (I do not know how to take this — my Spanish is not THAT good.)

$1 Store
I left the restaurant and went to a discount store.  I wanted to get some candy.  A woman was at the counter trying to get her previous purchase corrected.  The cashier was a man who was older than me.  I got in line behind her.  They helped the woman in a way that, I think, will make her like the store and come back.  They did well, I feel.  It made me glad.

When it was my turn, the man talked to me politely and offered a little small talk as well.  I paid and left.  I realized that I was so comfortable and unconcerned that I did not feel apprehension at talking to a man while I was dressed pretty.  I did not care.  Awesome!

Consignment Store
I finally arrived at the consignment store where the orange and white dress was.  I found that it was still there.  I also asked the owner for some other dress options.  She selected a couple dresses that I would not have chosen.  I started trying them on.  I would come out and get her opinion about each one.  She loved them all on me, although she admitted some did not fit me well enough.

While this was going on, another customer arrived.  The customer and I spoke a time or two while she was shopping.  She and I neither one seemed to care that I was a man in a dress.  It was delightful!

One of the dresses I tried on did not appeal to me.  But then, I gathered up the fabric to make it fit me better.  Then, I loved it.  I thought, I could try to alter this and even if I do not like it, it would be a good experience.

I finally tried on the orange and white dress.  It also needed some altering.  I started to feel like it was too short.  I gave it the “sit down test”.  It was too short.  When I sat and crossed my legs, it showed too much of my under-leg.  It also rode up too much in the back when I bent down to pick up something.

I was sad.  This dress was not going to work!

I changed back into my clothes.  I decided to buy the other dress.  It has a bold, non-feminine pattern on it.  It is also sleeveless.  I do not shave my arm pits.  I will have to wear something with it if I ever wear it.  I will also have to alter it.  It was low priced.  It seems daring (for me).

While I was finishing up, another customer arrived.  She was there to consign some clothes.  The consigning woman sat down in a chair near the register and waited.  Ahead of me in line was the customer I had spoken with.  I was waiting for her to pay.  I spoke to the woman who was sitting.  She was wearing scrubs.  We started talking about scrubs.  Eventually, I paid my bill and took my stuff out to my car.

I returned to the store with my “outing bag” because I wanted to change back into my menswear.  The consigning woman was talking to the owner.  I heard the owner mention me.  The consigning customer spoke about someone else whom she called “she”.  The consigning woman left.

The owner told me that the consigning woman asked if I was transgender and if I was transitioning.  She said that she told the woman that I was a married man and a father.  She told her that my dressing up was not gender-related.  The consigning woman told her that she was going to recommend the store to her transgender neighbor.

I changed into my menswear.  While this was going on, another customer arrived.  She was a woman I had met on a previous visit to the store.  She and I spoke briefly before I left the store.

It was a very nice outing!





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