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May Haircut and Lunch

May 17, 2017


Today, I went on a haircut and lunch outing.  In my previous few haircuts, I went to a new salon.  I went in my common gear for the hairy-leg season.  I wore a maxi skirt, top, cardigan, and flats.

I was debating going back to the previously mentioned salon where I have been warmly welcomed while also receiving concerned/frightened looks.  That salon is always busy with women.  I sometimes worry I will run into someone who knows me and my hobby will be publicly known.

I was also considering a barber shop that probably would be filled with just men.  The windows to that shop are darkened.  Not knowing what was inside has made me hesitant to try it.

Chain Haircut Business
On my way to the previously mentioned businesses, I saw a chain haircut business.  I decided to stop there and give it a try.  Inside, I found three young, female employees.  One was cutting a man’s hair.  One girl got up gave my outfit a look while she smiled and welcomed me.  She got some information from me and then had me come to her seat.

The man getting a haircut finished and left.  Another man came in for a haircut.  Then a woman came in.  My barber was a friendly, talkative lady.  The other employees talked to each other.  They did not seem to care very much about the man in the skirt in the other chair.  I received a haircut and a wash.  I paid my bill.  The girl gave me her card and encouraged me to return.  I asked her if I was her first man in a skirt.  She said no.

Sandwich Shop
Next, I went to a sandwich shop I have gone to for my last few haircuts.  Each haircut outing I go on occurs a little closer to noon than the previous outing.  I used to avoid noon in order to avoid the crowds.  Apparently I am disinterestedly creeping toward noon.  I arrived in the sandwich shop’s parking lot and I looked in to see if I would be comfortable eating there.  There were several laborers in there.  Men who work with their hands.  Tough men.  Men who might not relate to me.  Men who might mock me…

I decided to go in anyway.  I considered getting my food to-go.

I walked in.  I got in line.  There was a man in a suit ahead of me.  He looked over at me and presented a friendly smile and greeted me.  An employee started taking my order.  While I was in line, one table of men got up and left.  Also, four women in scrubs and a woman in a dress came in and got in line behind me.  I think a man was also behind me.  I forget.

I paid for my food, filled my cup, and sat down to eat.  Another table of two laborers left.  At yet another table, there was a long-haired man with glasses and a tablet computer.  He appeared to work a desk job.  He never noticed me.  Everyone in line got their food to go and left.

Eventually, a somewhat androgynously dressed woman arrived.  She had on a ball cap and short hair.  She had on no noticeable make-up.  At first, I thought she was a woman who is presenting male.  However, she was not suppressing her breasts and she had painted toenails pointing out of her flip-flops.  So, I do not know how to interpret her appearance.  While she was at the register, I finished up.  I got up and re-filled my cup, threw away my trash, and left the store.  The hat-woman looked over at me at some point during this process.  I left the restaurant and returned to my car.

Thrift Store
I left the sandwich shop.  I wanted to go somewhere else.  I did not want to end my outing.  I drove to a thrift store that I have visited before.  As I entered, an employee welcomed me.  I shopped around.  Other customers paid me no attention.  If they saw me, they neither approached me nor avoided me.  It was like normal.  Later, another employee saw me and she also very politely greeted me.

I shopped around, but I did not buy anything.  As I left the store, one of the employees saw me and wished me well.  I happily went on my way.




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