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June Haircut and Lunch

June 9, 2017


I had another hair cut outing.  I wore my abstract-patterned, green and black maxi skirt, a brown polo top, nude pantyhose, and black flats.  Later I swapped the flats for some nude high heels.  Here is a picture of the outfit from an outing long ago:


Cafeteria Restaurant
My first stop was at a cafeteria-style restaurant.  Only one other time have I gone to a restaurant like this.  That outing was much farther from home than this outing.

I arrived just before opening time.  Apparently, a lot of senior citizens do this on a regular basis.  I exited my car and approached the building at roughly the same time as a woman wearing scrubs.  She and I walked across the parking lot together.  She spoke freely to me.  We and several other people accumulated in the restaurant lobby while waiting for the door to the dining area to be unlocked.

I think the group of us grew to seven people.  One man was a preacher.  No comment was made about any unusual fashion…  Probably because the preacher’s red shirt and white tie were not that unconventional.  All of us spoke politely to one another.  I liked this group of people.  I felt comfortable.

We were eventually allowed in.  As we walked toward the serving line, I spoke to the woman in scrubs.  I asked her about her work.  She answered and then pointed to my skirt and said, “I won’t even ask [what you do].”  I told her my profession.  Then she gave a surprised look and asked, “Do you dress like this for work?”  I answered, “Not yet.  Is it bad?”  She said no and  that it looks nice.  We talked some more in the serving line, and then I paid and moved on.

I interacted with the employees and customers as if this was my 100th time out in a skirt.  I seemed to have no discernible fear or hesitation.  (This was more likely my 300th outing than my 100th!)

I chose to sit at a table in the middle of the restaurant.  There were small walls in a couple nearby places.  These walls made the table be out of sight from most of the restaurant.  Also, the table was close to the exit.  Sitting in this position gave me some ability to stay hidden and to escape quickly if someone I knew showed up.

I sat facing a table of female employees.  They all noticed me when I walked into the room with my food.  They watched me sit down.   Occasionally while I ate,  one of the women would glance over my way to see what was happening at my table.  All they saw was a guy eating food.  The server was only business with me.  I had no interaction with other employees.

As I exited the building, I had a choice.  I could walk on the left, in plain sight for those driving down the busy road, or I could walk on the right between cars and hide myself from the street.  I was concerned that someone who knows me might drive by and see me.  I was brave.  I walked on the left where I might have walked in menswear.

Then, something undesirable happened.  A vehicle pulled into the parking lot.  I looked over at it.  The man in the passenger side had his phone up as though he was taking a picture of me.  He was already in position as soon as I noticed him.  Since I was walking in the open, he had time to prepare before I noticed him.  I do not know if he got a picture of my face.  I put my hands on my hips, scowled my face, and turned my back to him.  Afterward, I watched the vehicle.  It pulled into a nearby, connected, parking lot.  Two men exited the vehicle and entered a different building.

Barber Shop
I left the restaurant and went to the same barber shop where I went last month.  I was greeted by a somewhat flamboyant employee.  She took me immediately to her chair.  She never mentioned my outfit.  She talked a lot.  Other customers came and went.  No one paid me any significant attention.

Thrift Store
I was done with my scheduled outing.  I wanted to do more.  I went to a thrift store.  I put on my nude-colored heels and went in.  I shopped around.  This pair of heels always seem to hurt my feet.  They are not the perfect size for me.  I found that I am out of practice walking in heels.  These heels are kind of tall and possibly ridiculous.  Only one young customer paid me any particular attention.  He walked around the store in order to get a look at me, I think.  I did not buy anything.

Consignment Store
Next, I went to a consignment store.  I wore my flats for this.  There were a couple other women shopping here.  One was a white-haired, tall, older lady.  The other was a younger woman who appeared to be Indian.  She had no noticeable accent.

I shopped around.  At one point, the Indian woman was on the same rack as me looking through clothes.  We spoke briefly.  I got the impression that she was disinterested in me, but she was not afraid of or offended by me.  I found a couple items that I wanted to try on.

I tried on the outfit.  The bottom was a black and brown, subtly patterned, lined skirt in a thick fuzzy fabric that might have been felted wool.  It was very nice.  The top was a light-weight, long-sleeved, red shirt.  The skirt was a good length.  The sleeves and body of the shirt were a good length.  I was impressed.

I stepped out of the dressing booth to use a larger mirror.  I thought the shirt was a little too big for me.  The owner of the consignment store disagreed.  She thought it was just right.  She said that I did not want that type of top to be snug.  I decided to buy them both.  While I was standing at the mirror, the next dressing booth curtain opened.  The Indian woman stepped out in a long, dark green evening gown.  An employee helped to snug up the dress and tie the excess.  It was beautiful.  It matched very well with her skin color.  We were all complimenting her.

I changed back into my clothes.  I got in line.  The older woman was being served.  I complimented her on her beautiful, white hair.  We all talked about hair for a few minutes.  Then the Indian woman got in line behind me with the dress in hand.  I hesitated to say anything.  I finally gave in.  I said, “I wish pretty clothes looked that beautiful on me…  You are very lucky.”


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  1. It seems like an all around successful outing. I really like that skirt with those nude heels. I think I have a rather similar pair of heels that I purchased from Payless. THey do tend to hurt when I first put them on and then they will feel fine for about an hour or two and then they start to hurt again.

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