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Lunch in a New Skirt

June 11, 2017


On a recent outing, I bought a new skirt.  It is so beautiful and fits me very well.  It falls perfectly for my height.  It is perfect.  …but not for hairy leg season…  I loved it so much that I wanted to wear it — soon.  In the summer, I do not shave my legs.  Therefore, if I wear a skirt in the summer, it is a maxi skirt.  Since this new skirt only comes down to my knees, I cannot wear it yet.  BUT, I wanted to wear it now, hair or no hair…  (I have been trying to gently lighten my leg hair color with a hydrogen peroxide-based product.  The hair color is still rather dark.)  I decided that I was going to wear the skirt with dark pantyhose and hope that no one notices the leg hair.

It is brown and black.  The fabric appears to be felted wool.  The colors of the pattern are evenly distributed and reminds me of how raindrops look on a window.  I wore it with Leggs Sheer Energy Active Support pantyhose in off black.  These pantyhose are thicker than usual.  I hoped they would mask my leg hair.  On top, I wore the new red top that I bought with this skirt.  I wore flats.

Sandwich Restaurant
I went to a sandwich restaurant for lunch.  I have never been to this one before.  When I arrived, the parking lot was empty.  Another vehicle pulled in.  A man talking on his phone got out of the vehicle.  I walked into the restaurant.

Inside, I found one male customer standing at the counter waiting on his sandwich to be made by the two female employees.  He looked like a laborer.  The man on the phone came in behind me.  He sat at a table and continued talking on his phone.

Shortly after an employee started taking my order, a mother with three kids (~8-12 years old) came in and got in line behind me.  Happily, I heard no snickers.  The kids did not seem to lurk around while staring at me.  I never saw them whispering to each other.  They handled the man in the skirt with class.  (Thank you, kids.  I appreciate it!)

I paid for my meal, filled my drink, and sat at a table.  The laborer was seated three tables to my left.  he never acknowledged me.

The mom and kids ordered to go, paid, and filled drinks.  As they were leaving, the mother glanced at my lower half, then up to my face.  we made eye contact and she smiled a possibly awkward smile.  They left.

Eventually, the man on the phone hung up his phone and got in line.  I finished my meal and refilled my cup.  I got back in line behind the phone man in order to buy a dessert.  The phone man looked back at me and greeted me.  I responded.  I bought my dessert.

I walked out of the restaurant.  A teenage boy was about to enter the restaurant as I exited the building.  We spoke as we passed one another at the doorway.  His mother was on her phone standing by her car.  She was standing between her car and mine.  She looked at me and realized that I was coming toward her.  She stepped out from between the vehicles and I stepped in and entered my car.  I ate my dessert as I left.

Shoe Store
Next, I went to a shoe store.  As I exited my car, an employee looked toward me through the large windows.  I waved to her.  She put on a large smile and waved back.  I walked in the store to find a couple in their late 50s, a woman close to my age in a dress, and a rather young woman.

There was a display of sandals near the rack of large-sized women’s shoes.  Three of the customers were at this display.  I walked toward the large shoes.  The employee welcomed me and approached me while asking, “What kind of shoes are you looking for today?”  I did not have the nerve to answer her specifically in front of the other people.  I said, “I’m just looking.”  I walked past the man and his wife.

What I hoped to find was a pair of low-height wedge shoes.  I found some.  I walked to the far end of the aisle where there was a full mirror.  I looked at my self in the mirror while wearing my original shoes.  Then, I tried on the wedges.  While I was doing this, the woman in the dress was shopping on the next aisle.  She did not pay me any attention at first.  Then, I noticed her look over at me.

The woman looked for one or two seconds and then she was done.  This was about how long I looked at her earlier, when I first saw her.  She was wearing a dress and it was pretty.  I looked at her for a second or two, noticing the pattern and style of her dress, and noticing the style and height of her shoes.  Then I was done.

I went back to find a different pair of shoes.  I tried on several shoes.  Eventually, all of the customers left and I was the only customer in the store.  I asked the employee how the wedges looked with my outfit.  She answered and came over to where I was shopping and started talking to me.

I asked her if she could see my leg hair.  She said she did not notice it.  She added, “I like your stockings.  I like how they are stretchy and not baggy.”  I told her what brand they were.  She was not familiar with Leggs brand.  I realized that she, being black, would not have any use for a brand with names like “nude” and “suntan” that were in the shades of white-people skin (though neither is a true match for my skin color).

We talked for a few minutes.  She was very friendly and helpful.  I eventually finished shopping and left empty handed.  She invited me to return soon and wished me well.  I thanked her and went on my way.


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  1. I am always glad to read of your successful outings. I am glad that the shoe store clerk was so friendly. Too bad you did not find shoes you liked.

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