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Several Meals, Shopping, and a Concert Outing Part 1

June 17, 2017


Lunch at a Family Restaurant
I recently bought a new skirt that I am quite fond of.  I had another opportunity to crossdress and I wanted to wear it again.  The skirt is knee-length and has a black and brown pattern.  With it, I wore a red top, off-black pantyhose, and flats.  As is my only always, I was presenting male.

For lunch, I visited a casual, family restaurant.  It was a little frightening for me.  I sat in the parking lot for a few minutes looking at who was going in and out.  I got out of my car and approached the building.  An older man went in ahead of me.

When I walked into the building, a couple of the staff greeted me.  They looked my way, but it was very quick.  I saw no double takes.  I do not think they noticed my outfit.  The older man also glanced over at me briefly.  He looked away just as quickly as he had looked at me.  I also think that he did not notice.

After that, I believe that every family that came into the restaurant included children.  As a courtesy to the parents, I try to avoid being seen by children.  Also, I do not want to contribute to a child’s life of crossdressing, if they have that tendency.

While I was standing in line placing my order, a man and his grand daughter entered the restaurant.  I could not hide myself since I was in line giving my order.  Interestingly, I never saw any evidence that either the child or the adult noticed my outfit.

I proceeded to the kiosk to fill my drink.  The man and child came over shortly afterward to fill their drinks.  I was getting a lid and straw at that point.  Again, they demonstrated no sign that they noticed anything unusual about me.

I found a seat, sat down, crossed my legs, and waited.  Before too long, the man and girl showed up on my side of the restaurant.  They sat only a few seats away from me on the opposite side of the aisle.  Much later in this outing, the girl looked over at me and made eye contact.  She smiled politely and returned to her tablet play.

Not long after the man and girl sat down, a mom and her son arrived.  They sat in the booth next to the man and girl’s booth.  A third mother and child came into the area but found a seat elsewhere.  Eventually, my food came.  After I ate, I disposed of my trash and I walked to the exit.  While I was at the door, the young woman who served me called to me and wished me well.  She had enough time to actually look at me.  I still observed no indication that she saw anything unusual.

Hardware Store
Later in the day, while running some errands, I went to a hardware store.  The store had a busy parking lot.  I feared that I would be walking in view of a lot of people inside the store.  I walked in and started shopping.  There were so many racks and counters that I was very well hidden.  I found the aisle I was looking for.  While I was finding my item, an employee brought a few customers to the same aisle.  Only the wife in the family paid me any attention.  She was close to sixty years in age.  She looked at me and went on her way.

I found what I was looking for and I went to the counter to pay.  I could not tell if the teenage employee noticed my outfit.  She was completely normal with me.

Am I invisible?  I am getting the strong impression that this skirt/outfit is just not very noticeable.

Consignment Shop
I went to a consignment shop I have visited only once before.  Three women were working.  There were two customers at the cash register.  I started browsing.  Everyone ignored me.  This store caters to smaller sized people than me.  The selection in my size was small.

One employee eventually approached me.  After that, she was attached to me.  She was very helpful.  She seemed to understand me from the start.  She did not offer me anything girly/floral/dainty.  She was trying to find things with sleeves.  I went to the dressing room and tried on various things.  She would give me feedback on each.  She mentioned her friends who crossdress.  I asked her at one point how she came to know about her friends’ crossdressing.  She told me a few stories.  Things like, “he came out” or “he trusted me”…

During this outing, I tried on a blue and white maxi skirt.  It had slits on both sides that came up to my knees.  It was soft and it looked good on me.  I did not buy it that day, but I did go back and buy it in a future outing.

This outing is continued in Part 2


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