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Using Sun-In to Bleach Leg Hair

July 5, 2017


UPDATE 4: I have discovered that using a cream bleach is a one-time solution that performs more well than applying many Sun-In treatments.  I prefer Surgi Invisi-Bleach the most.

I am a man who wears a skirt on occasions.  In the winter, I shave my legs.  In the summer, I let my leg hair grow so that I can wear shorts.  It helps me hide my secret fashion tastes.

I used to never wear skirts in public in the summer because of my leg hair.  At some point I discovered that no one can tell I have hairy legs if I wear maxi skirts in the summer,  When I also wear dark pantyhose, my leg hairs are very well hidden.  If people were to bend over to look at my ankles, they would see the hair, but not otherwise.

Sometimes, I want to wear something other than a maxi skirt.  That led to me trying to use Sun-In to bleach my leg hair.  Sun-In is a Hydrogen Peroxide-based product.  It claims to be heat activated.  It claims that you can spray it on your hair and then go out into the sun or use a blow dryer to lighten the color.  I found on-line that one site said that using a solution of lemon juice and Hydrogen Peroxide would provide a similar result.

I have dark hair.  I was warned in a web forum that bleaching my leg hair might result in orange hair.  I was also warned that my leg hair will look unusual when the dark roots start to show.

I tried Sun-In on my legs last year.  I found that it did lighten my leg hair color.  Some hairs were darker than others.

This year, I tried Sun-In again.  When I went on vacation, I used it daily on my leg hair.  Sometimes, I applied Sun-In multiple times per day.  I observed that my leg hair became so light colored, that they started to stand out from my tanned legs.  Some stray hairs are still dark.  Otherwise, my leg hair is hard to perceive when I am bare-legged.

When I wear pantyhose, it is hard to tell that I have leg hair at all.  If you look closely, you can see an occasional dark hair.  Otherwise, I look shaved.  Unfortunately. it does not feel as nice as having shaved legs.

I am happy with my results.  See below:


This is a comparison of my arm hair versus my bleached leg hair.  The leg hair started off looking rather red.  It eventually had a mostly blond color.  (Please pardon the camera strap.)


Here is my leg alone.  If you look along the edges, you can more easily see the actual color of my leg hair after being bleached with Sun-In.


On my upper leg, my leg hair is in its original color.  I did not bleach my legs above my shorts line.  The dark leg hair is not as apparent in this image as it is in person.  I think the upper leg hair is MUCH more obvious.


While wearing nude Sheer Energy Leggs in Active Support style, the hair is only visible from up close.  I am of the opinion that off black Active Support pantyhose hides my leg hair well enough that most people do not see it.  On one outing when I wore a knee-length skirt with dark pantyhose, I asked a few ladies if they could tell that I had not shaved.  They said they did not notice.  One told me she kept looking to check and still could not see them.


This is my leg in off black Leggs Sheer Energy pantyhose in Medium support style.

Let me end by saying that I am not recommending that you do what I did.  If you choose to bleach your leg hair with Sun-In, it was not at my recommendation.  I add this paragraph because I feel like it is a risk for someone to put chemicals on their body.  I am not qualified to offer medical advice.

If any of you have ever tried a different bleaching product on your leg hair, please let me know how it turned out.  I considered using another product that was an actual bleaching product.  I was too worried that my hair was going to turn out an unnatural white, so I did not attempt to use that product.

I went for about a week without using Sun-In and my legs show it.  The hair grew out dark.  I have two-toned hair.  Oh dear, I have roots!  The dark part of the hair is the length of one week of growth.  Since the light part of the hair is still hard to see, from up close my legs look like I have not shaved in a week.  From a distance, however, it does not look too bad.  No one has noticed or commented.

A second observation is that when I have used Sun-In recently, my legs looked rather dry.  I even noticed some flaking of dry skin on my legs.

I have had a couple outings in a skirt that exposed my legs while wearing nude pantyhose.  I couple times I asked people if they could tell I had not shaved my legs.  The feedback I received was that they could not tell.  This appears to work!

I find it hard to remember to spray my legs with Sun-In.  I have not kept it up reliably.  So, my legs are starting to have more noticeable hair.  This is easier than shaving and I do not forget to shave in the smooth season.  The explanation for why I forget to spray my legs must be more complicated than, “I just forget”.  However, it does seem easier to forget.

Another observation I have made: When I wear shorts with Sun-In on my legs, I am mindful that I need to go outside and let the sun (and heat) have access to them.  A side effect is that my legs are more tanned than usual.  Unfortunately, I have sock tan lines at my ankles now.

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  1. This is very interesting. It sure seems to work when looking at the pictures of your legs. The two with hose really show how good the results are, plus your legs look better. I am a firm believer in wearing hose as they always make ones legs look their best. Have a fantastic day and please keep sharing your stories about your travels and your pictures.

  2. When I was younger I spend a lot of time in the sun (lifeguard, caddy, construction work, etc and found that the sun naturally lightened my arm and leg hair to the point that it was not visable. Over the past several decades my entire body (except my head) has been kept hair free and no one has ever commented about my hairless arms and I have only had one comment about hair free legs and that was from a fellow golfer who had hardly any leg hair himself.
    I suggest that you keep both shaved year round. I doubt anyone will notice.

  3. lisa permalink

    How many days dI’d it take to lighten your leg hair?

    • I don’t remember any details. But, I might choose infinity as my answer. It is an equation of how much you put on and how much sunlight/heat that you get on your legs. When I would spray myself before working around the yard, the hair became slightly less dark. When I went to the beach, the hair lightened significantly after three days of significant sunlight (in a lazy river pool). However, later when I applied cream bleach to my legs, in one application my legs were lighter than this.

  4. Sarah :) permalink

    As a woman trying to avoid shaving my legs because it’s troublesome to me, thank you this is very useful.

    • Thank you!
      Be warned, the dark hair grows out and is visible whether you bleach what sticks out or cut off what sticks out. It doesn’t avoid that part of leg care! 🙂

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