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Breakfast Outing

September 13, 2017


I went to breakfast today.  I wore a simple white top with my blue maxi skirt with the white horizontal accents.  I wore white canvas sneakers.  It was a simple, comfortable outfit.

I went to a restaurant where I had to place an order with a short order cook.  A woman who has served me several times was taking orders.  She took the order of a woman who was ahead of me while I waited.  Then, she took my order.

Next, I walked over to the cash register and the same employee took the money of two people ahead of me and then she took mine.  There was no one behind me.  We ended up talking for a minute or two.  She is unconcerned about how I dress.  Other customers arrived and I went to get a fork and napkins.

I received my food and I ate it while watching the news.  Another man entered the dining area soon after me.  He sat a few tables behind me.  A few people came in and left, but none of them paid me any attention.  After I finished, I deposited my trash and exited.

Shortly after exiting the building I realized that my money and ID were missing.  I turned around.  A woman who was working in the lobby said, “Back so soon?”  I collected my pocket thing from the table and reattempted to exit.

A woman in a blue dress was exiting shortly behind me.  As I walked on the pavement, the woman picked up her pace.  I could hear her shoes.  She was catching up to me.  I wondered if she was going to try to speak to me.  She did not.  I think the cool morning air made her want to hurry to her car.  She, like everyone else, was unconcerned about me and my business.

As it should be.



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  1. Pat Scales permalink

    It is nice that no one ever seems to be concerned with a man in a dress and hose.
    Last night I pressed my luck a tad. After I got home I took off my slacks and put on shorts over my beige pantyhose. we decided to go to Bonefish for dinner and I made the reservation on my phone. She then quipped that I would have to take off my hose if we were going out to eat. I said that no one would notice. She quipped that I have such nice legs that people always notice my legs.
    I never took off my hose and we had an uneventful time waiting to be seated and when we were seated we were in a booth that partially obscured my legs.
    On the way home she noticed that I still had on my stockings. It seems like she forgot about it and is not so used to seeing me in hose that I guess nothing seemed out of order. She did agree that she did not think that anyone in the restaurant noticed what I was wearing.
    Getting out while wearing woman’s clothes is like a drug. I now cannot wait to do it again.

    • I think than answers the question about whether she knew you had them on during your outing last time! Was she upset that you had risked revealing your clothing practices to any acquaintances you may have encountered? If you had encountered a friend, and if they had noticed, she probably would have been very upset with you.

      I used to think that people could tell that I was wearing skin-toned sheer hosiery. Then one day, I wore darker pantyhose with shorts. After that, I knew what it looked like when people noticed. The obvious glances I received were very different than the encounters I have with others when I am dressed otherwise. HOWEVER, that is starting to change. I have gone out in a skirt on several occasions and it seemed almost like people did not notice. I am sure they noticed, but they are not reacting as obviously.

      By the way, there is a group called LAUF (Legwear As a Unisex Fashion) on Delphi Forums. It is just a group of men who discuss their appreciation for and experiences while wearing pantyhose and tights. Some of those guys claim to wear openly in their normal life. You might find it interesting reading. They will block your posts if it pertains to other women’s clothing than legwear, I believe.

  2. Pat Scales permalink

    I think that the chance of being noted as being a guy out in pantyhose or even of running into an acquaintance is a component of the excitement of being out while dressed. I do think that she forgot that I was still wearing hose and since she is used to seeing me in hose at home my wearing stockings while out may have not registered with her until we were in the car heading home.
    I doo not think that she was upset. She know about my proclivities and has come to accept me just the way I am and since we had made it through dinner uneventfully she was not longer fearful that I would be discovered.

    • Here is my experience on that. It has a shelf life. I went out with my wife on a two-day trip. She grew comfortable being in public with me in pantyhose and shorts. Then, we did not go out together like this. When another trip came up, I put on shorts and pantyhose again. She balked. She was terrified. The thought the world would notice. (There was over a year between these two incidents, maybe two.)

  3. Pat Scales permalink

    I agree that in getting spousal acceptance that it is often two steps forward and one step back. Sometimes it is one step forward and two steps back.

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