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October Haircut and Shopping

November 4, 2017


It was time for another hair cut.  I decided to get a haircut and go to the “fashion store” (Nordstrom) that I had visited recently.  I wore a patterned dress, with a black cardigan, black flats, and nude pantyhose.

About the dress: I bought this dress at a consignment store several outings ago.  I did not like it at first, but I still tried it on (I think it was recommended).  I thought it looked bad.  Then, I drew up the fabric behind me and realized it had a lot of potential.  I bought it for the experience of altering it.  It sat untouched for months.  Finally, I had some time and I took it in about 2-3 inches (5-8 cm) on each side.  Now, it fits me rather well.  I am pleased!

Barber Shop
I went to my barbershop.  Only one employee was working.  I was the only customer.  This employee was the same one who cut my hair last time.  Nothing interesting happened.  This person was still rather unsocial.  I could not tell if she was uncomfortable or shy.  A man was in the waiting room as I left.  He glanced up to see me, then glanced at my outfit and then glanced away.

Fashion Store – Clothes
I walked into Nordstrom.  (I brought my new wedge heels, but I forgot to put them on.)  When I entered the store, I did not know where to start.  An employee approached me soon after I started browsing.  She showed me around the store and showed me options.  I was not a very helpful customer.  I did not have anything in particular in mind.  After a couple minutes of her helping, I thanked her and dismissed her.

Later, while I was browsing a rack, another employee approached me offering to help.  She was very fashionably dressed.  I told her roughly what I told the other employee: I love women’s clothes, but I do not have their fashion sense.  I want to maintain my masculinity and wear pretty things.  I do not want to wear flowers, ruffles, bows, etc.  She showed me around just like the other employee did.  Then I thanked her and dismissed her.  I browsed some more.

Fashion Store – Shoes
I walked over to the shoe section.  On my way, I saw a woman in a skirt, blouse, and a blazer.  She seemed rather tall.  I asked her where she got her blazer.  She pulled up the collar to show me the tag.  It said Banana Republic.  She recommended that I shop there on-line because they have a tall section.  She very politely spoke with me for a couple minutes about fashion and being tall.

I proceeded on to shoes.  There was a wall of beautiful shoes in size 12 and 13.  I took off my shoes and started trying some on.  At one point, a woman walked up and started shopping right beside me, looking at size 12 shoes.  Eventually, she went into an aisle and continued shopping a couple feet away from me in the size 9 shoes.  I sat down to try on some wedge high heels.  The woman in the skirt and blazer happened by.  She said, “Oh, you are trying on shoes now?”  We exchanged appropriate pleasantries as she passed by.

I stood up and walked a few steps in the wedge heels a little.  I asked the nearby shopper if the shoes made me too tall.  She enthusiastically said, “No.”  She started chatting with me about shoes and heels.  A new woman who was six feet tall walked up.  She joined our conversation.  They were expressing their opinions and experiences.  I commented that I felt slightly uncomfortable about my dress because it falls to the tops of my knee caps.  I would rather have it be an inch or two (2-5 cm) longer.  They both told me that it was the perfect length.  The tall lady said that anything longer would look like an old-lady dress.

Eventually, we all went back to our separate shopping.  I found a pair of boots that were slightly too small, but they were not too wide at the calf.  I was encouraged to think that I might one day find boots in my size that fit my calves!  I eventually got in line to make my purchase.  There was a woman and her husband in line ahead of me.  I considered avoided checking out until he was gone.  I did not listen to my fears.  Checking out was uneventful.  Then I left.

$1 Store
Later, I went to a $1 store.  I had selected one item, but could not find the other thing I was shopping for.  I went up to the counter to ask for help.  A 20-year-old employee walked up to the register.  She looked at my face, then down at my waist while noticing that my shirt went all the way down past the counter’s edge.  She returned her glance to my face.  I told her what I was looking for and could not find.  She came around the counter to help me.  With the counter out of her way, she looked down at the rest of my outfit.  She said, “I love your outfit.  You look great today!”  Of course, I thanked her.  She helped me find what I needed.  We returned to the cash register and I paid.  We wished each other a good evening as we finished.

During these last few moments, a mom with two young children stood behind me while waiting on the cash register to be available.  There was nothing hiding me from this mom.  I assume she saw me.  In any case, she got right in line behind me with her two kids and did not try to avoid letting them see me.  Interestingly, the kids never paid me any attention.


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  1. Pat Scales permalink

    This seems like another great day out and about. I suspect there was a bit of shock going from Nordstrom’s to the Dollar Store. That is covering both ends of the spectrum.
    In any event it seems that wherever you went you were treated with respect and dignity, even with a little extra interest by the women you encountered. I think that women, by and large, are comfortable with crossdressers that they encounter. They are at ease treating us like they would other women by commenting honestly about our clothes, shoes, etc. I think that the major issue folks like you and I encounter is with our wives who would otherwise be OK with CD as long as it is not their husband.

  2. Rachel permalink

    From pictures that you have posted in the past I see that you have very pretty looking legs. I don’t understand why you are uncomfortable wearing a dress or skirt that ends above your knee cap? Women with pretty legs always wear short skirts and dresses and so should you. Check out Stana’s website and see for yourself how pretty Stana looks in short hemlines. You have no need to worry.
    Enjoy your adventures

    • I hope this explains my perspective: I do not want to represent myself or crossdressers in general badly. I am out there. I may be the first or only crossdresser some people will see. Also, I do not want to be mocked or laughed at when I am out of sight. So, I worry about looking pathetic, or fetish-y, or tacky. I worry about dressing with bad colors or style (because I know I have no natural gift at such things). I want to dress beautifully. I want to be complimented whether I hear about it or not. I want to wear something that will make a woman say, “Pardon me, but where did you buy your dress?” I definitely do not want to look like I am on my way to a fetish ball. …though deep down, I wonder if that is exactly what all of this dressing up and going out that I do really is… So, I worry about things.

      Thank you for your kind words. I am familiar with Stana. I would not feel comfortable in skirts as short as Stana’s. I think that I have a lot of unnecessary hang ups! 🙂 I am working on some of them. If you look through my past pictures, you will see that I have started to wear bolder colors and patterns/prints. I am slowly getting over some of my hangups…

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