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Using Jolen Cream Bleach to Bleach Leg Hair

May 28, 2018


I am a guy who likes to wear dresses and skirts on occasions.  I like women’s clothes, but I am still a man.  I do not wear make up or wigs.  I do not own a bra.  I am just a boring, average guy — except for this crossdressing thing.  Not very many of my acquaintances know that I like to crossdress.

Like many crossdressers, I like to go out in public when I am dressed pretty.  I started shaving my legs a few years ago.  That allowed me to go out in public in short skirts and feel pretty, but not look tacky.  However, in Spring every year, I let my hair grow back out on my legs.  After that, I am restricted to wearing maxi skirts throughout the Summer if I am to cover up my hairy legs.

Last Year
Last year, I dreamed up the idea to bleach my leg hair to make it less obvious.  I bought Sun-In and bleached my hair with it.  It was effective, but it was a lot of trouble.  I had to apply it to my legs many times to bleach the hair.  The most effective results were acquired while on vacation at the beach.  That was too much work.  I decided I would buy actual hair bleach this year.

Jolen Bleach Cream
On a recent outing, I went to a beauty supply store.  I bought some Jolen Cream Bleach.  I read the instructions and cautions on the box several times.  I watched a few YouTube videos to see how to mix the product and apply it.  I did a test bleach on the inside of my arm one day as the product instructs.  All seemed to be good.  I was concerned that the hair on my arm  had fallen off, because I could not see any sign of it.

1_before_jolenThis is my arm and leg before I applied the Jolen Cream Bleach.

The next day, I washed my legs with cold water as the package instructs.  (I took off all of my clothes so I could get into the shower when I was ready to clean up.)  I used 15 scoops of the accelerating powder and 45 scoops of the cream.  I cleaned the spatula between scooping the powder and scooping the cream.  I mixed them in a glass bowl.  I found that the spatula that came with my box of Jolen Bleach Cream was too small to mix this large amount of product without getting my fingers messy.

Once I felt it was thoroughly mixed, I started applying the cream onto my legs using the tiny spatula.  It has the surface area of one of my fingernails.  It was too slow and awkward.  Eventually, I scooped up four fingers full and smeared it onto my legs with my hand.  I kept my other hand clean.  That was a good choice.

The 15+45 mix covered most of my legs.  The thickness of the mix decreased on my upper legs because I was running low on the mixed cream.  After I had my legs covered up to  mid-thigh, I noticed hairs sticking up out of the cream layer.  I stroked my legs, laying those stray hairs down into the mix.

I waited eight minutes, per the instructions on the package.  During this time, the product started letting off a stifling odor.  I thought it smelled similar to chlorine.  I opened a window and I moved around.  Eventually, I turned on the shower fan to pull the fumes out of the room.  (I wonder how women are able use this product to bleach hair on their upper lip!?!)

I turned on my shower water to cool.  I stepped in and rinsed the bulk of the product off of my legs.  I then used my hands and water to remove the rest.  I did this again and again.  Then I washed my hands with soap a couple times.  Eventually, I used a wash cloth and soap to clean my legs.  I am happy to report that my wash cloth and towel did not change colors!

When the product first started coming off my legs, I noticed that my skin color had changed.  I was alarmed that I had bleached away my suntan!  Apparently, my skin had reacted to the product and my blood was not near the surface where the product was.  After my shower, my skin color had returned to normal.

I am pleased with the results.  I seem to still have leg hair.  My leg hair is not blonde, but it is much less noticeable.  This is at least as good as the results I got from using Sun-In, but in one 20 minute effort.  I intend to apply a second treatment.

2_after_first_jolenThis is my arm and leg after the first application.
Notice how light the leg hair color has become.

3_after_first_jolen_with_pantyhoseThis is my leg in sheer pantyhose.  The leg hair is visible only from up close.

I had an outing that day and I asked someone if they could see my leg hair.  She could not.

I did do a second application with the same 15+45 mix.  I focused on my upper legs and near my knees.  I think I missed the backs of my upper legs both times.  That hair seems darker.

After the second application, I wore rather sheer pantyhose and a skirt in public.  I asked a couple women and no one could see that I had leg hair!  I am ready to wear shorter skirts again!!

Of course, I will have to apply this product again in a few days when the hair grows out a little.

4_after_second_jolenThis is my arm and leg after the second application (a day later) of the Jolen
Cream Bleach.  The hair is slightly lighter, especially near my knee.

This is my leg in sheer pantyhose after being bleached twice.
The hair is almost invisible up close.


I have discovered that I cannot wear dark shades of pantyhose with bleached hair.  The hairs somehow poke out of the pantyhose and stand out very conspicuously against the dark fabric.


I tried a few other bleaches.  I prefer Surgi Invisi-Bleach the most!

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  1. Pat Scales permalink

    It looks good. If it were me, however, I would keep my arms and legs shaved year round. You will get used to it and it will soon seem like this is just the way you are built.

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