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Feeling Invisible in Gray

June 8, 2018


Recently, I bought a new outfit.  The skirt needed to be altered.  I took it in about one inch (2.5 cm) on the sides.  Today I wore it.  The skirt is a knee-length, gray pencil skirt.  The top is a silky, black and white patterned blouse.  I also wore a red pull-over shirt so that my chest hair did not show.  I wore my go-to black flats.

I was mostly invisible.

The day I bought this outfit, I was wearing a red skirt.  That skirt drew so much attention.  It seemed like everyone who saw looked at the red, saw it was a skirt, and then paid more attention to me.  Today, in this gray skirt, it was just the opposite.  Most people never took a second look at me.  Normally, when I am out dressed pretty, women realize I am wearing a skirt and immediately look at my shoes.  Today, almost no one looked at my shoes.  I think they did not notice that I was wearing a skirt.

I shopped in two stores, bought some thread in a fabric store, and then visited a consignment shop.  Anyone who interacted with me directly was aware of my outfit.  However, in the general public, only a few paid me any attention.  I felt so normal and non-intriguing.  I loved it!


Gray Skirt, Black and White Patterned Blouse


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  1. Pat Scales permalink

    I like the skirt. It looks nice. I do think that you raise a good point about people’s attention being drawn to bright colors.

    The other night I came home and we decided to go out to eat. I had been wearing beige pantyhose under my work slacks. I changed into a dark red golf shirt and simply replaced my slacks with a pair of black and white checkered shorts, similar to the pattern on the top you are wearing above. After changing we hung around the house for about a half hour and then got in the car and drove 20 minutes to a casual restaurant. During all of this time my wife never mentioned that I was wearing pantyhose. I cannot imagine that she did not notice what I was wearing but if she did she never even raised an eyebrow.
    It was not necessary to have a reservation since it was not crowded at this time midweek. We were seated in an elevated booth by the hostess and we were waited on by a nice young lady. Another young lady brought a glass of wine and a third young lady brought the food. None of them seemed to notice or even take a second look at my stocking clad legs.
    We drove home and I then changed into a nightgown for bed…still wearing my hosiery.
    I suppose you could pass this off as a ‘ho-hum’ outing but there is still something special about being out and about, wearing pantyhose, an not having any issues.

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