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Red Dress

July 1, 2018


I have always wanted to have a red dress.  They are so beautiful and powerful.  Eventually, I was very pleased to own some red items, a top and two skirts.  Recently, I tried on a red dress in a store.  It was a great find!  It falls to my knees, it has long sleeves, it is stretchy and shapes to my body pretty well — perhaps too well.  However, it was too expensive.  I decided not to buy it.

The sales person told me that it was going to be on sale soon.

I went back.


I went back to the store, and selected two of the red dresses.  I tried on the first one, which was larger.  It was loose all over me.  I asked the sales ladies for feedback.  I asked if it was too loose.  They seemed to feel like it was not too loose.  Then I tried on the one that has to stretch to fit me.  I asked if it was too tight.  One of the sales ladies said, “It is tight in all of the right places.”

Blah, blah, blah, I bought the tight dress.  $28.  I wore it out of the store.

I did not have time to do anything significant in the dress.  I had bought the dress in ten minutes.  Since I had it on and I needed to eat, I went to a Burger King.  I was wearing a form-fitting, red dress, a black cardigan, and light brown, strappy espadrilles sandals.

I walked in and went to the counter.  The cashier looked at my dress as I approached.  She dealt with me like usual.  I walked over to fill my cup.  A young mother holding a baby walked past me.  She was looking at me.  She had a sort of mysterious smile on her face.

A man about the same age as her walked up beside me to the drink machine.  I looked at him.  He was looking at me.  He had a surprised looking smile on his face.  Remember this guy.  I will call him “Carlos”.  I assumed he was the woman’s husband because they were of the same race and were leaving at the same time.  Carlos and I filled up our cups side-by-side.

While I was putting on my lid, they called my name.  My food was ready.  I walked up to counter, thanked the employee, and took my food.  I hesitated to leave until some children belonging to Carlos and/or the woman moved away from the entrance.  I saw other customers in the store look at me.  An older couple, who had come in while I was at the drink fountain, never appeared to look at me.  The menu had their attention.

The path cleared and I walked out of the Burger King.  I was there less than ten minutes.  Two men in their fifties were walking up the sidewalk.  I was in too big of a hurry to dodge them.  They looked at me.  It was unavoidable.  Instead of ignoring me, one said, “Nice dress.”  I acknowledged him with eye contact and a nod of my head, but I did not respond verbally.  When I got to my car, I looked their way.  They were continuing on their way, not looking back at me.

While driving away, I came up with several responses to the man, such as, “Thank you.  I feel amazing!”  “Yes it is, and I feel like a million bucks!”

I was amazingly so much bolder this time than I was the first time I ever went to a Burger King in women’s wear!

I drove up the road.  I stopped at a traffic light.  A car came along beside me in the other lane.  There was nothing unusual about the car’s movement.  However, I happened to look over at it.  It was Carlos.  The woman was not with him, but there was at least one kid in the back of his minivan.  Carlos was looking over at me with that same smile.  He raised his hand vertically and wiggled his fingers.  It was sort of a “toot-a-loo” wave, if that makes any sense.  This was odd.  I again, made eye contact, nodded, and then looked ahead like I was not interested.

The light turned green and we went separate ways.

Men have almost NEVER interacted with me unnecessarily when I have worn a skirt or dress.  Perhaps they have initiated speaking to me ten times or less in my entire life.  Truthfully, I am glad.  I do not want to have men pay me unnecessary attention.  I definitely do not want to look like I am trying to entice men.

I do not know when I will ever have an appropriate occasion to wear this red dress.  But I am so glad that I own it!!


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  1. gndiaz100 permalink

    You’ve always had the courage to do something new. Your baby steps have taken you to adventures you’ve never expected. I’ve started going out crossdressed in male mode too about a year now and have made lots of progress too. But your hundreds of miles ahead of me. Keep your journals going.

  2. Pat Scales permalink

    In your own calm and conservative fashion you are leading the way for many. Just exercising your freedom to dress as you like and getting out into the civilian world is a positive step.

    Of late I have been wearing beige pantyhose out and about under my guy shorts. On some occasions I will just go out and do a few errands or hit a take out place but on several occasions I have gone to dinner with my wife while wearing my pantyhose. Never seem to get any reaction which I take as a good sign.

    BTW I really like the red dress and it works well with the sweater and the shoes.

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