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Grocery Shopping in Beige

October 5, 2018


I performed our weekly grocery shopping in a skirt again.  I also ran a non-grocery errand.  I wore a beige pencil skirt, A black top with a built-in cardigan, and black flats.


Fast Food
My first stop was at a fast food restaurant for supper.  No one noticed that I was in a skirt.  While I was eating, the employee who had taken my order started sweeping the dining area.  He eventually swept beside my booth.  We spoke very briefly.

My second stop was at a specialty store for an item.  I walked in to encounter two men and a child were at the cash register.  The child was talking to one man.  The man looked over and saw me.  He looked back at the child and then took a second look at me.  He looked at me like he was surprised.  It is rather unusual these days for people to give me surprised looks.

An employee greeted me.  I found what I wanted, but I needed assistance because the expensive item was locked up for security reasons.  I returned to the front and the employee took me back to where the product was.  A customer approached.  The customer wanted to talk to the employee.  Not noticing the customer, the employee asked me to wait while she got the product.

The customer and I were alone together.  She asked me if I knew where a product was.  I did not.  We just started talking until the employee returned.  Then the customer asked her for help.  I walked away and checked out with another employee.

Clothing Store
My next stop was not an errand.  It was a self-indulgence.  I went to a clothing and household items store.  I have shopped here several times before.  I quickly walked through the clothing racks looking for sales.  I was not concerned about customers other than scanning the room for anyone who might know me.  I made my way back to the shoe section.  I was looking for any flats in my size.

An employee saw me.  She asked if I needed any help.  I said no.  She later said, you look like you need some help.  Then, she apologized because she thought it sounded differently than she had intended for it to sound.  We started talking about shoes.  She was very friendly.  She complimented my outfit.  We talked for ten minutes.  I asked her to take my picture.  She agreed and suggested that I also sit down and let her take pictures.


Grocery Store
This week, I had a shorter shopping list.  The store was busier than last week.  Nothing interesting happened.  I was on the same aisle as a bright-eyed, red-haired woman a couple of times.  We did not interact.  I marveled at myself.  I was completely relaxed.  I forgot to look for people who might know me.  I was at ease.

When it was time to checkout, I went to the checkout line that had two young women working at it.  –Or so I thought.  The cashier turned out to be a long-haired boy.  The young woman who had been bagging groceries had moved to another checkout lane while the person ahead of me in line was paying.

The cashier called the bagger back in an unusual way.  He was trying to be nonchalant, but it was definitely not nonchalant.  I believe he wanted her to be there as he served a man in a skirt.  The three of us briefly talked.  When we were finished and I was leaving, I complimented the bagger on her hair.  Then I looked at him.  “Your hair is lovely too.”  We laughed.  His hair was frizzy, big, and not styled.


Another Clothing Store
I needed to change before returning home.  I decided to visit a small clothing store and ask if I may change in their dressing room.  They welcomed me in.  While I walked through the store, an employee whom I recognized from a previous visit here smiled at me and said, “You are SO cute!”  I thanked her and changed in the dressing room.

On my way out of the store, the employee stopped me and asked me about myself.  She said she had another customer who crossdresses.  She said that he presents female.  She only used masculine pronouns for him.  She said that he did not have any crossdresser friends.  I did not offer any contact information, but, the employee and I talked for a few minutes before I went home.


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