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Christmas Shopping 2018 Part 3

November 28, 2018


This is part 3 of a three-part series of posts:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 (here)

Fancy Restaurant
I changed into my red dress.  I kept on the shoes and the black duster.  I went to a fancy restaurant at the peak of lunch hour.  I was seated by a happy hostess near a couple of occupied tables.  My server, a man, took my order.  A female server was taking care of one of the other tables.  One time when she walked by she said to me, “I love those shoes!”

After I finished eating and paid, I stopped on my way out of the restaurant.  I asked an employee if she would take my picture.  She asked, “Do you want people in the picture, or do you want to be by yourself?”  She made me change locations because of the lighting.


Shopping Mall
My feet were rather tired of the heels, but I was not tired of wearing them.  I wanted to visit a shoe store to find replacement shoes for my black flats that are wearing out.  I could not find the shoe store in the mall.  I got a milk shake at a restaurant in the busy food court instead.

I stopped in at a couple stores in the mall.  I shopped around in one anchor store as well.

In one of the smaller stores, both employees helped me.  They complimented my outfit.  One of the women was almost my height.  We talked about being tall and finding nice clothes.


I returned to my car and switched to flats.  I realized that I felt so fabulous in the red dress that I was not going to put on any other outfits.  I visited a couple other stores.  Nothing very interesting happened in any of those.

Department Store
I went to a department store and shopped for a while.  A couple employees approached me offering assistance.  One guy walked across the store with me to show me where something was.  I checked out, but nothing interesting happened.  On a previous year, when I checked out in this store, the cashier complimented my outfit.

Shoe Store
I drove to a shoe store.  An employee was on the kids’ side of the store.  She called out to me welcoming me into the store.  She could only see my head.  She asked me, “What are you shopping for?”  I said, “Some casual flats.”  She asked, “Men’s or women’s?”  I said, “Women’s”.  She said, “Oh, you are going to the right place.”

Later, when she came to where I was, she said, “Oh, if I had seen you, I would not have asked!”  She was completely at ease with me.  She was fun and helpful.  I could not find any flats that pleased me.  I tried on a few other shoes.

A couple women were in the store.  One came into my aisle a couple times to visit the clearance shoes, but she did not speak to me.  Eventually, when I was trying on boots, I went to their aisle.  I asked, “May I join you ladies?”  The other woman welcomed me on in.  Eventually, we were all three talking about boots and trying them on.  I gave up on shoe shopping and left the store.

Video Game Store
I went to a second-hand video game store.  Nothing interesting happened there other than I was in a very different cultural group.  A dozen people were in the store.  I was just one of the crowd.

Women’s Clothing Store
I stopped into a women’s clothing store near the video game store.  I put the heels back on.  I walked in and said, “I do not need anything, I just wanted to come in because I love this store!”  The women welcomed me in.  Then one of them said, “I really love that dress!”  The other complimented the heels.  Then she said that if she were to wear them, she would fall down.

Hosiery Outlet
My last stop was a hosiery outlet.  I always visit there when I am in this town.  The employees remember me.  There was a new employee.  She was very welcoming and talkative.  They were being too helpful.  I asked a question about opaque tights and they would not stop trying to help me find something to buy.  I bought a little something there for my wife.

I headed home.

I texted my wife while I was out today, “I feel like million bucks!”  I also told a woman in a store that I felt like a million bucks.  That woman said, “Well, you LOOK like a million bucks.”  I hope she was right.  Because I sure felt beautiful.  I certainly hope I did not feel so good for nothing!

This is part 3 of a three-part series of posts:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 (here)

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  1. Pat Scales permalink

    Ditto. You do look like a million bucks. I love the dress with the heels and duster but in my view the best outfit was the red top with the gray skirt. With the heels the two pieces gave you a rather feminine shape and structure.
    I am glad you did as well as you did. Congratulations.

  2. Great story and pictures. Love those heels and the red dress. Great legs too.I enjoy reading about your adventures. Today I went for a pedi and mani and wore a nice black blouse, tight bikers style exercise shorts and some flip flops too show off the painted toes when done. Should have had someone take a pic for you. Some time it will happen.Please keep writing and sharing and have a fantastic day or week or month Hugs,  Lisa 🙂

  3. Great outfit with the dress!

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