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Shorts Lunch Outing 2

March 1, 2019


Yesterday, I went on a lunch outing and ran some errands in shorts, nude pantyhose, and white Keds.  Today, I still “needed” to have an outing.  I took it up a notch.  I wore a purple men’s Polo shirt, black ladies’ shorts, off black (Leggs Active Support) pantyhose, and black flats.  I knew this was definitely a more eye-catching outfit, but I went for it.

(If you are a new visitor here, I am a guy who occasionally wears women’s fashions as part of my male life.)

I will first admit that I did not feel like the pantyhose were very pretty.  I have not worn this pair openly in a long time.  I did not feel as good about my look as I thought I would.  Something more sheer would have looked nicer.

Post Office

I had another package to deliver to the post office.  I parked slightly far from the door and walked in.  There were a few people outside, but they never paid me any attention.  I walked in past a woman using a self-service machine.  She never looked up from what she was doing.  I deposited my package.  Someone else came into the building and went toward their post office box and never looked my way.  I walked back out.  There were people there again, but the cars blocked their view of me.  I am pretty sure that I was around ten people at the post office and not a single one looked at me.

This relieved my initial concerns of going out in something so obvious as shorts and dark hose.


Next, I went to a business that has a cafeteria on the first floor.  I parked in the parking lot.  While I was walking in, an older man and his wife exited their car and started toward the door behind me.  I do not know if they were close enough to notice anything unusual about me.  I honestly did not think to check.

When I approached the entrance, a woman opened the door coming out.  She was in her 50’s, I think.  She looked at me and then suddenly tried to not stare.  She had to wait for the rest of her party to come out of the building with her.  I walked past the three of them and entered the building.

A woman at the reception desk saw me.  I saw her realize that I was partially crossdressed.  She still smiled at me to greet me.  I felt like she might have been uncomfortable with it, though.

I walked down the concourse/lobby toward the cafeteria.  There were a few people seated in that area.  I passed one man near some elevators.  Eventually, I was at the cafeteria.  Happily, there were no people I knew in the cafeteria.  There were 30-40 people there.  Many were in line getting food to go.

I got in line.  I could not tell if anyone there noticed my outfit or not.  It was busy, slightly crowded, and we were all walking sideways with a tray in hand.

I happily ordered my food and lined up to pay.  I spoke briefly to the woman behind me in line.  I paid my bill and took my tray.

There were two dining areas.  I decided to go to the one that still had two-person tables available.  Two tables had two pairs of men at them.  A woman was alone, reading while she ate.  Another woman was at a table, alone.

I sat on the opposite side of the room from the two tables with men at them.  I looked over when I set down my tray.  Two of the men were looking my way.  One was lowering his head slightly to see my legs under the table between us.  He noticed I saw him staring and he changed his expression and looked away.

Eventually, the woman who was not reading was joined by her husband.  It was the couple who entered the building behind me.

I ate my food in peace.  No one ever looked my way again as far as I know.  I finished my meal and walked to the place where trays are returned.  I did my business there alone.  Then I walked back out of the building.

It was a quiet, peaceful lunch.  It will suffice.  🙂


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  1. What fun. I love wearing ballet flats with shorts. Great look and extremely comfortable!

  2. Pat Scales permalink

    I fully understand the desire to stretch the envelop. I think I need to get out with black or off black hose and shorts sometime soon. I know I will like it.

    While we were still in Florida there were a few occasions when rather than going out to eat I would run out for takeout. One two occasions I was wearing a denim skirt over my pantyhose. The first time we had called to order food from a seafood house and when I got there it was not ready. It was a casual open restaurant and very well lit. I stood by the door for about 20 minutes as people (eat in and take out diners) came and went. The wait staff, all young ladies were also walking around me. No one seemed to notice that this large guy waiting for his food was wearing a denim skirt and pantyhose or if they did they were not obvious about their observations.

    On another occasion I went to a Fresh Market to get some food. This time my wife was with me. She seems to be getting so used to me being in hose and even a skirt that she did not mention it to me.

    A few nights later we were heading to dinner and I had my denim skirt on over my hose and she suggested that I switch to shorts which I did.

    Back north I have been dressed most weekend days and I have been working at preparing some meals so my routine as the spare wife has been well accepted.

    On about 4 occasions we have run out of wine and I have made 4 runs to the local liquor store while fully dressed (wig, makeup, hose, dress or skirt…even heels). The first time the clerk was a guy and he mostly was interested in his phone. The other three times it has been the same woman. Most recently I went in wearing a black dress under a red turtleneck sweater under a black blazer with black hose and heels. She gave me a big grin and we had a nice but short talk about my wine selection.

    Baby steps seem to be working for me.


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