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Errands and Indulgence

April 30, 2019


I had wanted to have a crossdressing outing over the weekend.  It did not work out.  I had the clothes already in my “go bag”.  I decided to have an outing on Monday instead.  I wore a gray, knee-length skirt, a black and white patterned blouse, and black flats.  I call this my invisible outfit.  I have worn this and felt like people were less likely to give me that familiar glance.  However, this time, I did not feel invisible in it.  I suppose the outfit is more obvious than I realized.

(Please pardon how blurry this picture is.)


My (not so) Invisible Outfit.  I am wearing my new black wedge heels in the picture!

Also, even though I have bleached my leg hair twice this season, I discovered that my hair was still somewhat visible under my pantyhose.  This concerned me.  I figured that no one could see the hair unless they were rather close to me and looking hard.  I proceeded.


First, I went to lunch in a cafeteria.  I sat and ate.  I had to get up once to get a fork.  There was a table of women.  They appeared to all work together.  I  noticed that they were aware of me.  I saw no indication that they were whispering about me, though.  However, when I sat originally down and when I got up to get my fork, two or three of them checked out the man in a skirt.

Post Office

I had package to deliver.  I went into the post office and dropped it in the large slot.  I noticed a couple people look at me.  One of the people was a man who held the door open for me.

Clothing Store

I drove over to a consignment clothing store.  A woman who was slightly older than me approached me and offered to help me.  I asked her about tall sized dresses.  She took me to the dresses and directed me to pants and skirts as well.  She left me there.  I sifted through the dresses and found three dresses to try on.  I approached the woman.  She opened up a dressing room for me.  I asked her if she gets a lot of men.  She smiled and said, “No.  Except for some boyfriends and husbands.”

I tried on the three dresses.  The first one was a brown dress that hung well, but I did not love it.  The second dress was too short for me.  It also had openings on the sleeves.  The third one was a green and navy blue, patterned dress.  The pattern was made up of 1/4 inch (~6 mm) squares of navy blue and green on a white background.  The dress was mostly green.  There was only a small amount of white showing.

The green dress fell to below my knees.  It has a little flow to the skirt.  It has a small neck hole.  The short sleeves are slightly longer than cap sleeves.  I liked how it fit me.  I felt like the pattern was too busy.  I was not sure.  I asked the employee for her opinion.  She approved.  While we were talking, a customer walked up and started preparing to model some things for herself in front of the mirror.  I asked her for her opinion.  She smiled and said she liked it.

I walked around the store in the dress for a minute to see how I felt about it, because I was unsure if I would actually wear it.  I looked at their shoes and found a pair of low-heeled, black wedges.  I think the heel is 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) tall.  I tried the shoes on and they fit.  They were in my size.  I felt so beautiful in them!  I walked back over to the employee.  She said that they were much better with the dress.  She said they helped my posture and poise.


This is a close-up of my black wedge heels.

I bought the shoes, but not the dress (yet).  I wore the shoes out of the store.  I have been wanting some black wedge heels for some time.  These are beautiful!  They looked great with my gray skirt.  I am wearing the heels in the picture above.

Nearby Stores

Now, I felt too beautiful to go back to work.  I visited a nearby clothing store.  The employee immediately approached me and talked to me.  I browsed around and then left.

I went to a small food store.  I walked around the store with my heels clicking on the floor.  I selected an item to purchase.  I got in line behind another customer.  The customer paid me no attention.  The cashier, not an American-born person, looked me over at first, but she was a professional.

I bought some ice cream at another place and ate outside, it in the sun.

I drove on to another place.  I stopped and visited two more stores.  In the first of these two stores, there was a male shop owner.  He was behind the counter.  He talked to me the whole time I browsed his store.

Wonderfully Friendly Store Owner

At the last store that I visited, there were several employees.  One approached me and welcomed me.  She was five to ten years younger than me.  I started browsing the store.  This store sold items for your home.  She approached me again and asked me some questions.  Then she started educating me about their products.  I asked questions.  She was very warm and friendly.  Later I learned that she was the owner of this store.

We separated again, but kept speaking.  The store was small.  I commented on her shoes.  She started telling me about them and how they were so comfortable.  I could not resist bragging about my new shoes.  I told her that I had just bought them and that I loved them.  She complimented them and said that she had noticed them when I came in.  I asked her if she could see that I had leg hair.  She looked and said, not really.

Then she surprised me.  She said, “You made a good choice wearing hose.”  She went on to tell me that she thinks that hose are very nice and that she wishes that women still wore them.  We started talking about pantyhose.  She said, “Do you want me to tell you what is the very best brand of pantyhose?”  Of course, I said yes.  She said Spanx.  She said that they are very strong and do not tear easily, and therefore, last a long time.  She said that they also feel good, stay in place, and are mostly invisible.  She admitted that she has received compliments from other women about them.  I told her that I would have to try some.  They are expensive.  I told her that if I bought some that I would visit her store again and let her see them.

Then, I told her my trick of rubbing hand lotion on my legs before putting on my pantyhose.  I told her that it helps keep the hose in place.  She brightened up and smiled and said, “I will have to try that!”

Other Thoughts

So, if you are reading this and you are not a crossdresser or if you did not grow up in the 80’s, then you might not understand what is so special about pantyhose, or having a woman praise you for wearing them.  You might wonder, “What is the big deal with pantyhose?”  I cannot explain it scientifically, and I cannot speak for all crossdressers (or for the owner of that store).  But, I can try to provide a word picture to help you understand my feelings on the subject.

I think pantyhose-covered legs are to bare legs like high heels are to flats; like a sports car is to a sedan; like a diamond is to a ruby; like velvet or satin is to cotton.  Both can be beautiful, but there is something more elegant about pantyhose.  Pantyhose are a touch better.

I acknowledge that there are some legs that are so beautiful that covering them with pantyhose might actually detract from them.

One could successfully make an argument that pantyhose are uncomfortable, ugly, etc.  You can win that argument if you are describing certain brands of pantyhose.  However, there are comfortable, beautiful pantyhose out there, and they are not hard to find.  If you can find some that fit you well, match your skin tone, and are made of a good fabric, then you may find that there is a whole new dimension to this product.

But… you can wear whatever you want to.  I am a man who wears skirts in public.  Far be it from me to tell others how to dress!

UPDATE: I went back and bought the green and blue dress!  🙂




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  1. Pat permalink

    A great outing where you encountered some wonderful people.
    I like the shoes. Are they suede. My most recent heel purchases have been suede. One black, one blue and one wine colored. All were from Payless which is going out of business.
    It is nice to see some women still appreciate the subtle joy of wearing pantyhose. I could not fathom going out without them. Even my wife agrees that a woman is not dressed if she is not wearing hose. I do not know of any legs that do not look better in hose.
    In the photo you cannot see any hair under your hose. I like hose with hairless legs. You may also note that hair, anywhere, makes drying take longer. You should also know that it is virtually impossible to put pantyhose on wet legs.
    Keep things up but consider going hairless on your legs. No one will notice in any negative fashion,

    • The shoes are not suede. They have a fabric exterior. 🙂

      • CORRECTION: The next time that I tried on these shoes, I felt the outside more carefully. They ARE suede. Please pardon my mistake.

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