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Same Dress, Different Day (More Errands)

May 9, 2019


I had more errands to run, so I left my “go bag” containing my outfit from yesterday’s outings in the car.  I am ashamed to say that I wore the same outfit for two days in a row, but I will defend myself that I only wore it for a few hours total.  Today, I had a few more errands to perform during lunch.  I put back on my green and navy patterned dress, my wedge sandals, and my navy cardigan.

Here is a picture from yesterday:


Green and navy patterned dress, navy cardigan, brown wedge sandals


I had a late start to my lunch.  I was beginning to get a headache.  I went to a cafeteria.  I walked past several customers on my way in the building.  This restaurant seems to attract a lot of older customers.  I got a few surprised looks.  I walked in and got in line behind a couple of women.  They never looked at me.  A few of the employees gave me odd looks as well.  The employees who interacted with me were happy, friendly, and polite.

I selected a small meal of vegetables.  A beautiful woman, who always has perfect makeup and hair, was working at the end of the line, like usual.  She gave me my ticket.  I complimented her appearance.  She only smiled.

I walked to my seat.  I noticed a couple people turn around to see what their spouses told them to look at.  This was mounting up to be an awkward experience.

My waitress was warm and friendly.  I never noticed anyone else pay me any attention after that.

I finished my meal and got up to pay.  I did not see anyone react to me this time.  I got in line and paid my bill and left.  On my way out the door, a man and his wife were walking in.  I made eye contact with him and said, “Hi there.”  He responded politely.

Post Office

I had some mail that needed postage.  I was going to have to stand in line and interact with a clerk.  I am a regular at this post office.  However, I have never gone through the line in this post office while dressed pretty before.

I walked in and got in line.  There were five people in front of me.  I stood in line for five to ten minutes.  No one in line interacted with me.  I felt like I was normal, and that I belonged.  When my turn came, I walked up to the counter.  I was treated with respect and with a smile.  I finished my transaction and happily walked out.

Grocery Store

Next, I went to a grocery store to purchase Mother’s Day cards.  I walked in and had to look around for the card aisle.  I felt like I was very exposed.  There were quite a few customers in the front of the store.  I feel awkward in public while dressed pretty.  When I am wearing heels, I feel even more awkward.  I decided to go to the back aisle and search.  In the back of the grocery store, near the butcher area, customers are not lingering.  They are less likely to people-watch.

I found the card aisle and I started searching for the Mother’s Day cards.  There was an employee in that area stocking the Mother’s Day cards.  I told her that I was going to have to squeeze in and join her.  She and I started talking casually while I shopped.  I found the cards I needed.

I checked out without incident.  The older woman at the register was relaxed.  She never acknowledged my outfit.  She just helped me like she would any other time.  I walked out to my car and drove on.

Consignment Store

At this point, I was just wasting time.  I went to a consignment store.  I told the helpful, engaging store owner that I was looking for tops that have small neck holes, that are longer, and that do not have cap sleeves.

She started helping me.  She kept pulling out more and more tops.  I think she gave me ten things to try on.  I found a skirt to wear with them.

I started trying on outfits.  There was a customer in the next changing booth.  We were separated by a curtain.  I wore a few of my outfits out to show the owner.  She really praised the skirt, but she said no about most of the tops.

The other customer, a young woman in her early 30’s, came out.  I complimented her on what she had on.  When we went back into our booths to change again, I said to her through the curtain, “Ma’am, if you are uncomfortable with me being in here while you are, I can leave.”  She assured me that it was fine.  After that, she and I talked back and forth.

I tried on other outfits.  There were several other customers.  One time, I came out in a cardigan with the skirt and another top.  The owner praised the cardigan.  A stray customer looked on and she complimented it too.

A new customer took over the booth beside mine in the dressing room.  There were only two.  I said to her before she went in that I was using the other booth.  I asked her if she was uncomfortable with that.  She said it was fine as well.

I finished trying on outfits.  I kept the skirt and cardigan.  I said, “I like these, but they were almost $50.  The owner said, “No, they’re not.”  She said they were 40% off.  She started ringing me up.  The young woman and I started talking again.  She was being very friendly to me.  She had an event coming up.  She wanted a new outfit to wear to the event.  She did not purchase the thing I had complimented her on because she said it felt too heavy.

My transaction was finished.  I thanked the customer and I thanked the owner.  As I walked to the door, I turned back to the owner and said, “You made me feel beautiful today.”

She said, “I hope so! … and you should!”





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  1. Pat permalink

    This was a wonderful day out and about. You show respect and a smile to people and they repay you with a smile and respect in return. You have developed a nice easy way of commenting on what women are wearing and you show a genuine desire to get their opinion on your attire. Most people are happy to give an opinion.

  2. Love your outfit and the way you go out all the time. I am so jealous. Do you ever wear any make up while out? I realize you do not wear a wig. Wish I had you courage. Where do you live? I live in Milwaukee area during the summer and Phoenix area in the winter. Neither area is very liberal as far as males in female attire.Have a fabulous day. Hugs,  Lisa 🙂

    • Thank you!
      I do not go out all of the time, as you say. I might have one outing a week on average. Lately, it has been far fewer. I never wear makeup, wigs, padding, breasts. I’m just the same me, but sometimes in a dress. I live on the east coast of the USA. I have dressed in a lot of places and I have gotten rather similar reactions everywhere I have gone.

      Do you ever go out in public? How have your experiences been?

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