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Swing Dancing!

June 23, 2019


I decided to go to a nearby town and go swing dancing at a regular event.  I packed my green, navy, and white dress, two pairs of shoes, and my navy cardigan.  I went to work.  By the end of the day at work, I realized that I was not very distracted all day about my plans.  It was not very exciting.  I am becoming accustomed to going out.


Green, blue, and white dress.  Navy Cardigan.  Brown sandal espadrilles.

Consignment Shop

I needed a place to change clothes.  I decided to stop by a consignment shop that I infrequently visit.  On a recent visit, I was able to get to know the owner.  She was very kind to me and helpful.

It was almost time for her business to close.  I told her that I was going on a crossdressing outing tonight.  I asked if I could change clothes in her dressing room.  She said, “Of course!  Come in.”

I returned to my car and brought in my bag and a hanger holding my dress and cardigan.  We started talking.  She asked me about where I was going.  We talked for at least ten minutes with me holding up my hanger.  I asked her, “Can we talk while I go change?”

We continued talking while I was in the dressing room.  I came out and told her that I tried on a lot of skirt and top outfits in preparation for tonight’s outing and none of them looked good enough.  She started pulling out combinations and she sent me into the dressing room to try them on.  This went on for too long.  She eventually locked her doors.  This was just play time.

I estimate that I tried on about ten different combinations.  I felt rather nice in some of them.  She was teaching me about styles and patterns.  She was just having fun helping me.  I started getting concerned.  I did not have a lot of cushion in my schedule.  Eventually, I realized that I would not have time to eat dinner and get to the dance lesson before the dance.  In fact, I probably could not get to the lesson on time.

Then, we continued talking and trying on.  Eventually, I realized that I could not get to the dance before it started.

I changed back into my dress.  She was amused at how I kept saying that I needed to leave, but never did.  After I was dressed and ready to go, we talked for another ten minutes.  During this time, I asked her to take my picture.

Finally, I started to go out the door.  I turned and told her thank you for being so kind to me and making me feel good.  She said, “That’s what I do here!”  Then she opened her arms to give me a hug.  She paused and said, “Is this OK?”  I was wearing my green dress, navy cardigan, and my tall wedge espadrilles.  I had to squat a lot to get down to her level.  We hugged good-bye.

Swing Dancing

I said, “I am too late to make it to the dance.  I should not go.”  She replied with a big smile, “Go do something spontaneous!”

I left.  I considered my options.  I knew of a swing dancing event in my home town.  I drove to it.  I sat in the parking lot.  Their pre-dance lesson was going on.  I watched a few people walk in from the parking lot.  The three women I saw walk in were all wearing shorts.  “Oh great,” I said.  “I’m way over-dressed!”

I took off my heels and put on some white Keds.

From what I could see through the windows, there were not a lot of people inside.  Six people were sitting outside waiting on the lesson to end.  I sat in the parking lot.  I saw that a couple of the women on the porch were wearing skirts.  I felt better about my outfit.  When the lesson ended, four of the outside people went in.

I got out of my car and walked up to the two people who remained outside.  I recognized one of them from when I had previously danced here (while wearing pants).  I asked her, “Would I be OK here?”  She said, “Of course!  You’ll be fine!”

I peeked in the windows to see if anyone was inside that knew me.  I saw no one familiar.  I went in and got in line to pay.  I spoke to the young lady in front of me in line.  We talked pleasantly for a few minutes.

I paid and sat down.  The girl who was in front of me in line eventually walked over and sat near me and started talking to me.  We decided to dance the next dance together.  I was rather self-conscious.  I discovered that it is hard to get your dance steps right when you are self-conscious.

Throughout the night, I danced about ten times.  I believe it is accurate to say that girls asked me to dance about half of the times that I danced.

One time, I walked up to a young woman and asked her if she would like to dance.  She responded, “No thank you.”  That was fine, but it hit my confidence.  I started feeling dumb being there dressed like this.  I sat out that dance.  I got over it.

It started to rain.  Later, when I was ready to go home, I walked out on the porch.  There was still a little rain falling, but there was a significant amount of runoff water flowing in front of the building.  I thought, “How am I going to get to my car?!?”

There were a young man and woman on the porch talking.  He eventually ran though the water to the parking lot with his shoes in his hand.  The girl watched her friend run through the river of runoff water.  I had not danced with this girl.  She never seemed very available or friendly.

Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when she walked over to me and started talking to me.  We stood side-by-side looking at the falling rain.  Eventually, I said, “You want to go dance?”

We danced once.  She was very relaxed and friendly.  I was not concerned about my outfit any longer.  I was self-conscious about my bad dancing instead.

I decided that the only way I could leave was barefoot.  I went into the restroom, took off my shoes and my pantyhose and walked back out.  I walked through the room and waved good-bye to a few new friends.  Then I waded through the sidewalk to my car.  (This was the first time I have ever worn a skirt/dress in public without pantyhose.)

I dried my feet and put back on my pantyhose and my wedge heels.

At Home

It was late, everything was closed.  I went home wearing my dress.  My family is on a trip without me.  I carried my belongings inside.  I was not worried about being seen.  It was much too dark for the neighbors to see my outfit.  I went back outside and checked the mail and fed the pets.  I went inside and made a sandwich for my supper.  I walked around freely inside my house while wearing my dress and heels, and did my normal household things.  It was very, very nice.


The owner of the consignment store insisted that I keep this picture.  🙂

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  1. Pat permalink

    It seems like a great outing in most regards. Every time out we get better and more confident

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