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Church and a Event

June 25, 2019


I had a very free evening (my family is out of town), so I decided to go to a church service in a nearby town while wearing a dress.  It was a little difficult to find a church that was having activities on a Wednesday night.  I wanted to find a church of the same type as the church I grew up in, and with the same type of people that I went to church with.  I could not find a good match.  I did find a somewhat similar church, but not the same.

Consignment Shop

After work, I drove to the same consignment shop where I changed last night .  I stepped in and asked the owner if it was OK if I changed again.  The owner was happy to see me, and she seemed surprised that I had a second dress.  She told me that I was always welcome to change clothes in her shop.

There were at least five customers in her shop.

I went to the dressing room and changed into my patterned, multi-colored, above the knee dress and a black cardigan with my black wedge shoes and nude pantyhose.


Multicolored dress and black wedges with a black cardigan in the consignment shop.

This time, I was determined not to be slow.  I changed quickly and stepped out of the dressing room.  When I did, the owner, who was serving one woman at the cash register, remarked, “I love it!  You look great!”  The customer smiled and said something similar.  A female customer on the other side of the room turned around to see.  She also smiled and complimented me.

The owner finished with the customer and then came over and gave me a hug and spoke with me.  I asked her to take my picture.  She did.  I told her about my outing the night before.  The customer from the other side of the room walked past us and she smiled very warmly at me and complimented me a second time.


I drove to a nearby town to go to a church.  This was my third time going to church while crossdressed.  So far, every church experience has been equally positive as everywhere else I have gone.

I arrived right on time for the service to begin.  I had missed the meal they were having before the service.

I went to one entrance, but it was locked.  An old man was walking on the sidewalk by the building.  I approached him.  I perceived an unsure look on his face.  I asked for directions on how to go into the building.  He kindly told me where the entrance was.  He spoke with confidence.  His initial look mislead me.  He was welcoming.

I walked inside.  I asked a man for directions to where the adults were meeting.  The man gave me hard to understand directions.  Eventually we worked it out.

At the meeting room, a man was standing at the door.  He smiled and welcomed me.  I asked him where the restroom was.  When I returned, the man and a woman were standing at the door to the meeting room.  Again, they smiled and welcomed me.  This night, the meeting was a musical presentation by people from a different church.

I walked in and tiptoed to a seat.  My shoes still made some sound on the floor which was not carpeted.

The presentation ended in 40 minutes.  Afterward, I briefly spoke to the older woman in front of me.  A man walked up and welcomed me.  He reached out and shook my hand.  Everyone was walking toward the exit.  I decided not to linger.  I walked out with the masses.  I did not ask for someone to take my picture.  It did not seem right.

When I was in the parking lot, there was a mother and her teenage daughter.  I asked the mother and she took my picture.  The teen was wearing an equality logo.  She was very quiet.  I thanked them and spoke with the mother for five minutes.  I walked to my car and they walked to the adjacent mini van.  After I was situated in my car, I looked over and the girl was in the back of the van with the door open.  She and I smiled and waved good-bye to each other.


Outside after the church service. Event

I checked and saw that there was an interesting (non-crossdressing) meetup scheduled to start in fifteen minutes.  I drove to the restaurant where they were meeting.

I found a public parking lot.  I walked to the machine in the lot and paid.  I got my ticket and walked back to my car to leave the ticket where it could be seen.

An older woman wearing black leggings with a loose, beige, crocheted tunic was walking down the sidewalk.  When I approached the sidewalk, she said, “Hello.  You look very nice this evening.”  We ended up walking the same direction briefly.  I said, “Thank you.  I do not get a lot of compliments.”  She said you have excellent poise.  I thanked her again and complimented her.  Soon, I said good-bye and I turned to go where I needed to go.

When I arrived at the restaurant, I walked in and stood in line at the hostess station.  Eventually, I was at the front of the line.  Everyone in the restaurant could look at me.  Maybe two or three took their one glance.  That was all.

The hostess/server knew who the meetup group was.  She did not think they had arrived yet.  She lead me through the restaurant to the outdoor area.  She said that she did not see anyone from the group.  I went out to their outdoor area and sat at a table.

A man was seated in a waiting area on a bench nearby me.  Eventually a second man arrived and joined him.  I asked and they were the meetup group.  I introduced myself.  They were friendly and welcoming.  We talked.  Others arrived.  A new man arrived.  He was quite short and bearded.  He was older than me and he moved with significant effort.  He looked at me and took in the sight.  He walked over to me and joined me.  I am rather confident that this man was a female-to-male transgender person.  He had painted fingernails, and his long hair was held up by feminine looking clips.  His voice and some other traits also supported the idea.

The man seemed to have some sort of autism.  He was very functional, but he was not easy to chat with.  He stayed with me.  Conversation was difficult.  He liked obscure topics that I did not know anything about.

In total, there were ten people in our group.  One woman was in the group.  She was wearing cute gray wedge heels with a bow, a thin-fabric denim skirt, and a faded black, pull-over sweater top.  She had a deep pink color of matching lipstick and nail polish.

Eventually the man walked away.  I stood up and joined the group who was standing in a circle talking.  When we walked over to a table, the older man was moving very slowly.  I decided not to walk off.  I accompanied him on his walk to the table.  This ended up defining my evening.


Crossdressed at a meetup event.  This was after they pulled up a second table.

Our table was rather full.  I sat by the woman in the only spot remaining.  She and I talked some.  The man was seated across from me.   He and I tried to hold a conversation most of the night.  It was not easy.  No one else tried to engage him in conversation.  I was eventually able to talk to the rest of the group some.   No one ever acted like I was unwelcome or unusual.

Grocery Store

After at least an hour, I paid and left.  I drove to a grocery store.  Three teen girls were standing in the checkout line.  They saw me come in.  One seemed like she was suppressing laughter.  I shopped for a few groceries.  It was late and there were very few customers.


While I was being checked out, a woman with purple hair got in line behind me.  I complimented her hair.  She was very friendly.  I left and put my groceries in my car.  I returned the cart to the building.  Purple came out.  We said “good night” to each other.

I went home.

At home, I fed the pets, and checked the mail in my dress.  It was dark.  I was not concerned.

It was very nice being able to go home while still wearing my dress this week.  However, I will be very happy to have my family back!  Only one more day until they are back.


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  1. Pat permalink

    It seems like you had two nice events. I had been to church only once while dressed and it was a totally positive experience. I have not tried to mixed meet up yet but it seems like it is likely to be a welcoming environment.

    • I don’t know if meetup events are possible to generalize on. But, I believe that almost everywhere you go, people are people and you will reasonably get similar acceptance as where you have already gone.

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