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“I Probably Shouldn’t Say This…”

June 29, 2019


I was walking through a parking lot and I saw a woman getting out of her car.  She was wearing a green, navy, and white patterned dress.  (It was rather similar to the one I wore here.)  She was wearing low black heels and a green cardigan with it.  I was wearing menswear.  I glanced over at her several times as I approached the building.  She was on her phone.  She did not notice me.

When I got inside I had to wait on the elevator.  She finished her call and walked into the building.  I held the elevator for her.  She got into the elevator and I pressed the button for her.  We started going up to our two different floors.  I looked over and said, “I probably shouldn’t say this, but here goes.  I am a crossdresser and I own a very similar dress.”

She smiled warmly, and laughed, and said, “Then, you have excellent tastes!”  I laughed too.  I said, “I was looking at how you put it together.”  I was pleased with how happily she responded.  She never seemed surprised or uncomfortable with my confession.

I forget what else was said.  Our elevator ride was short.  When I was getting off, I said concerning the dress, “You wear it very well.  You look great today.”

She thanked me and the door closed.


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  1. Pat permalink

    It is always nice to say nice things to other people and to be a nice person in general and I find that if you comport yourself in that fashion people are nice back to you.

  2. Pat permalink

    As I am sure you know Stana is ending Femulate. My practice has been to go to Femulate first and when you would have a recent post I would see it there and then click over to it. If I stop checking Femulate I may miss some of your posts.
    I suggest that you contact T-Central.blogspot and ask them if they will list your blog with the rest of the blogs they carry. It may generate more readers.

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