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It has been over a month…

August 11, 2019


I have not worn a skirt in over a month…  Something is wrong with me!  My doctor put me on a new medicine that has reduced my motivation to watch what I eat and has reduced my motivation to do several things, including dressing pretty.  I have put on some weight, and I feel like I do not look as good in my outfits.  I still think about dressing up and I still plan on doing it, but when the opportunity arises, I react with, “Not now, it would be too inconvenient,” or something like that.

Otherwise, I am doing fine.

If you would like, I could write posts about all of the things I am doing in menswear.  But, that would be even more boring than the mundane things I do in a skirt.  “Today, I wore blue jeans and got my hair cut.”  “Today, I wore men’s shorts to the grocery store and bought a watermelon.  No one reacted at all!”

Thank you, if you are following my story.  I originally created this blog in order to store my stories in an environment that I have some control over.  These days, when I write (or when I do not write) my posts, I think about the handful of you who interact with my stories.  It is for those kind people that I write this post.  Thank you for finding my silly life worth watching.  Thank you for being kind enough to post comments.

Thank you!!

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  1. Robert Doss permalink

    When I first found out about this blog and decided to check it out, I knew from the outset that once I finished reading the all the posts that were already here, that the rate of new posts would be slow and irregular. I do enjoy reading about the adventures that are posted even though I don’t really have much to add or to say. Keep up with what you are doing and keep us up to date from time to time.

  2. Pat permalink

    Keep in mind that “even cowboys get the blues”. I have been dealing with weight issues for a while and not feeling good about your weight can impact how motivated you may be to dress and get out.
    Keep the posts coming so we who do follow you can check in from time to time and not have to worry about how things are going with you.

  3. I totally get what you’re saying! Write a no-holds barred, out of the perceived norm style blog entry and who knows what could happen – but when that urge to do the kind of thing that generates the content wanes and fluctuates, it’s a subject killer! I suppose that is why the frequency of my own blog entries has considerable thinned out since the beginning of the year.

    That doesn’t mean to say that I haven’t got anything to talk about whatsoever, it’s just that the stuff I’m going through now warrants little discussion at all – mundane is the word!

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